Road signs are rubbing residents up wrong way

Road signs are rubbing residents up wrong way

Matt Corbett at Atlantic Road.

12th May 2021

By Warren Wilkins

Poor signage in Newquay has led to motorists driving the wrong way down a one-way street. That’s the view of Matt Corbett, who owns the Breakers Guest House.

He says since Atlantic Road became a one-way street early last year, at least one motorist a day drives down it the wrong way.

He believes the problem has arisen because one of the “no entry” signs is obscured behind a tree and the other has been erected flat-on, so motorists cannot see it.
Mr Corbett fears the situation will get worse in the summer when tourists arrive, unless Cornwall Council improves the visibility of the signage.

He says residents have already been threatened when they have pointed out to motorists they are driving the wrong way down a one-way street.

The one-way system was introduced at Atlantic Road to stop motorists using it as a rat-run to get to Tower Road when there is traffic congestion.

Matt said: “We got a one-way system introduced to stop traffic using the road as a short cut to get onto Tower Road, which would stop the regular confrontation when one car is travelling one way and another car the other way.

“There’s a children’s playground nearby and people were hammering up the road at a rate of knots, which was dangerous to children and pets.

“But Cornwall Council have put two ‘no entry’ signs up and one is obscured behind a tree and the other has been installed flat-on so anyone who drives up and down Pentire Road cannot see the sign. What they should have done is install a ‘do not turn left or right’ sign because we are getting issues every day.

“Residents are threatened when they point out to drivers they are going down a one-way street.

“We are getting at least one motorist a day coming down the wrong way. Imagine what it is going to be like in the summer. The situation is going to get even worse.”
Geoff Brown, Cornwall Council cabinet member for transport until he lost his seat in last week’s elections, said: “I will be approaching county highways to see what they can do about the situation to make the signs more obvious.”

Mr Corbett would also like to see “residents only” parking introduced along Atlantic Road as he says the street is used as a car park by holidaymakers and people who do not live in the area.

He believes taking away the height barrier at the car park could help relieve some of the parking issues.

He said: “Parking is ridiculous. The car park in Atlantic Road is free in the afternoons and during the winter but everyone who owns a high-sided vehicle cannot get in there because there is a barrier that has a 1.8 metre clearance.

“My partner has got a van, which cannot get in there and some neighbours own SUVs and cannot park in there.

“We are local rate-payers and we are paying money to the council and we cannot get our vehicles in there yet tourists and visitors get parking free of charge.

“If we had residents’ only parking in Atlantic Road visitors would have to park in the Atlantic Road car park. The council would then get extra revenue and it’s a win-win situation.

“Parents with children who own a van or a SUV cannot park in the car park to take their children to the play park.

“I understand the height barrier is there to stop overnight camping in camper vans, but many people camp in the car park in tents and nothing is done about it. No fines have been handed out.”

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