Newquay’s fond farewell

Newquay’s fond farewell

Above, bearers take Chrissie Jackson into St Michael’s Church; right, her mother and sister, bearing sunflowers, were greeted by the Rev Chris McQuillen-Wright; below, Bright colours and vibrant sunflowers shone; (right) Chrissie’s Clipper race crewmates and friends, and singers from Newquay Rowing Club PICTURES: PAUL WILLIAMS

4th May 2021

By Warren Wilkins

Family and friends packed into Newquay’s parish church to bid farewell to Chrissie Jackson on Saturday afternoon. Hundreds of people attended the memorial service for the Newquay Voice founder at St Michael’s Church to celebrate the sunshine she brought into everyone’s lives.

The church was filled with brightly-attired friends and family for the send-off, which highlighted her photography career and her efforts to launch Chrissie’s Sunshine Appeal.

The appeal was started “to make a positive out of a negative” after Chrissie was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic cancer in January 2019.

The appeal has so far raised more than £50,000 for nine charities. The Reverend Chris McQuillen-Wright conducted the moving service and talked about Chrissie’s positivity and how she always saw the best in people.

He gave thanks for Chrissie’s light, love, warmth, passion and her joy. The congregation got to its feet at one stage during the service to dance and clap to one of Chrissie’s favourite songs, Time of my Life from the film Dirty Dancing. Newquay a capella singing group Oll an Gwella sang Bring Me Sunshine and a Cornish farewell shanty.

Matt Bunt, who gave the eulogy, said: “Chrissie had a fantastic life growing up in Warrington as a pampered third child. She went to college and studied photography before moving into the world of work as a professional photographer. “

“Chrissie worked at Granada Studios in Manchester as well as capturing cover shoots, makeovers and photography for The Clothes Show. She then joined Kodak as a rep. It was obvious Chrissie was a people person. She enjoyed spending time with her friends and family and was also very proud to be involved in the Scouting movement and the Guides. “

“Chrissie moved to Newquay over 20 years ago and immediately felt at home. She loved the sea. Through Malibu Surf FM and then her beloved Newquay Voice she very soon embedded herself into the fabric of our community. “

“For 16 years no event would be complete without Chrissie’s smiling face. Yet the chances are she would be late. And chances are she would spend more time nattering to people than actually doing her job and taking photos but that is why we loved her because she cared.”

“And the people of our town took Chrissie to their hearts. Our community holds a number of values dear to its heart. Kindness, generosity, support and fun. These are of course all the words we can use to describe Chrissie. It is no wonder we all got on so well. “

“Chrissie has left a legacy of thousands upon thousands of wonderful photographs and memories shared with generations of Newquay people. As the Sunshine Appeal has demonstrated she didn’t do anything my half. Every year she would make it her mission to go around town and take photographs of every single nativity performance over Christmas. “

“Passionate about sailing, Chrissie was selected to be part of a team that raced in the Clipper Round the World Race in 2018. She raced from Australia to China in the second leg of the event. She was about to set sail in the next stage from China to Seattle when she first became unwell.”

“Not long after Chrissie’s diagnosis in January 2019 Chrissie said she wanted to create an appeal so she could turn what was a heartbreaking and negative situation into something positive. That is where Chrissie’s Sunshine Appeal was born. “

“She chose nine charities close to her heart to raise money and awareness of. Every single penny has been inspired by Chrissie. Even through the toughest of times Chrissie set out to share in her story. To normalise and remove a lot of the stigma that surrounds cancer and its associated treatments and offer to others who are having a tough time themselves. “

“When we look at Chrissie’s legacy we will remember the resilience, warmth and positivity that she brought to her life, the lives of those around her and the community she was very proud to call home.”

“Funny, selfless, beautiful, positive, caring, loving. Always smiling and so so brave. There are so many words we can use to describe our dear Chrissie “And even though we are hurting we are immensely richer for having Chrissie in our lives. ‘Hold your face to the sun and let the shadows fall behind you.’ “Chrissie. Thank you for being you.”

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