Former mayor leads campaign to improve children’s crossing

Former mayor leads campaign to improve children’s crossing

Rachel Craze (centre) is calling for improvements at a busy road crossing.

5th May 2021

By Warren Wilkins

A campaign has been launched to make it safer for families with young children to walk to a primary school.

Former Newquay mayor Rachel Craze is appealing for Cornwall Council to extend the time signals allow to cross the road at two busy junctions on the school run.
She wants the green man to light for longer at the pedestrian crossings on the junctions of Trenance Road, St Thomas Road, Berry Road and Mount Wise during pick-up and drop-off times at Trenance Learning Academy.

She says families at present can only get across one of the two roads before the traffic lights go green and motorists start hurtling towards them.

The pavement is narrow on the corner of the junction, which she says adds to the danger because of the number of people who are waiting to cross.

Mrs Craze has experienced problems walking her grandchildren to Trenance Learning Academy and believes more people would be encouraged to walk to school if the crossing was made safer.

Cornwall Council’s highways team has been to look at the busy crossing but says the system is working fine.

Mrs Craze raised the issue at Newquay Town Council’s extraordinary meeting on Wednesday night in the hope Cornwall Council could make the change if she had the backing of the authority.

The town council voted to write a letter to county highways officials asking to extend the length of the crossing period during school drop-off and pick-up times to allow people to cross the two roads rather than just the one.

Mrs Craze said: “The traffic light/pedestrian crossing system is much used during school drop off and pick up.

“If you approach the junction from the corner of Berry Road and St Thomas Road there is insufficient time to cross St Thomas Road and then Trenance Road within one green man.

“The current situation is families with young children, some with prams and toddlers, taking a hastened longer diagonal crossing for which the green man still doesn’t show and sound for a sufficient time, increasing the risk of accident.

“Whilst I fully appreciate there is a crossing patrol provision outside the school, this involves crossing, with infant school age children, both Bayview Terrace and Lanhenvor Avenue. Each is busy and precarious at school run time, the latter particularly so.”

Mayor Louis Gardner said: “I reported this issue to Cornwall Council.

“They came out and did a visit and said there was nothing wrong with it.

“Any kind of support from this council in the form of a letter might help the issue.”
Cllr Stephen Hick said: “The pavement on the corner is not wide enough for two people.

“There are all sorts of reasons why the green man should be on for longer.

“We should be making it easier for people to walk to school.”

Cllr Dave Cheney said: “I go across the pedestrian crossings on a mobility scooter and the traffic lights change in no time.”

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