Over Half of Travellers Saving for Their Next Adventure, With More Than £2,500 in Their ‘Holiday’ Account

A survey of 2,000 UK holidaymakers has revealed that six in 10 consider ‘getting away’ as their passion. As a result, over half (52%) have saved more than usual for their next holiday due to the pandemic, resulting in an impressive £2,543 set aside for their upcoming trips.

Despite the surge in DIY projects during the pandemic, 36% of those saving for their next holiday have postponed other expenses, such as home improvements, to save for a significant post-pandemic travel experience. The research was conducted by Eurofins, a provider of PCR testing for individuals traveling abroad.

The study also found that the pandemic has inspired people to live life to the fullest, with one-third of respondents creating a travel bucket list. On average, participants have already crossed off five destinations from their list. The top desired travel experiences for British holidaymakers include witnessing the Northern Lights, traveling on the Orient Express, and driving along Route 66 in the USA. Going on an African safari and embarking on a Caribbean cruise also rank among the top five travel aspirations.

Regarding health and safety while traveling abroad, 55% of respondents expressed a desire for the introduction of vaccination passports. Nearly half (48%) desired more space on flights, while 47% wanted good ventilation in airports. Additionally, 45% wished for mandatory mask-wearing inside airports, and 41% advocated for mandatory PCR tests before travel.

With more than a third of respondents having had a trip abroad cancelled due to the pandemic, it is no surprise that many are eagerly looking forward to their next holiday. Nick Phillips, Managing Director of Eurofins Covid Testing Services, emphasized the importance of safe and hassle-free travel experiences, mentioning Eurofins’ extensive network of COVID-19 testing sites in the UK, which ensure swift and reliable delivery of results.


  1. Witnessing the Northern Lights
  2. Traveling on the Orient Express
  3. Driving along Route 66
  4. Going on an African safari
  5. Embarking on a Caribbean cruise
  6. Climbing Machu Picchu
  7. Island hopping in Greece
  8. Seeing Mount Fuji in Japan
  9. Staying in an over-water bungalow in the Maldives
  10. Visiting the Seven Wonders of the World

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