First Date Fears: Brits Worry About Awkward Silences and Timing for a Kiss

A survey of 2,000 adults has revealed the top ten first date fears among Brits, including concerns about awkward silences, knowing when to lean in for a kiss, and whether to suggest splitting the bill.

The poll found that 70 percent of respondents feel nervous about how to greet their potential love interest on a first date, with 34 percent deliberating whether to go for a hug, a kiss on the cheek, or even a formal handshake.

Nearly 89 percent admitted to experiencing jitters before a first date, and 39 percent reported having an alcoholic drink beforehand to calm their nerves.

Unfortunately, for some individuals, their first date fears became a reality. The survey found that 34 percent of respondents didn’t have anything to talk about, 20 percent had to endure a boring date, and 14 percent were stood up.

Other dating mishaps included getting offended by something their date said (11 percent), forgetting their date’s name (10 percent), and spilling sauce on their clothing (8 percent).

The study also revealed that 48 percent of respondents feared going on a first date, while 46 percent worried about meeting their potential partner’s parents, and 48 percent felt nervous about their first kiss.

For those who wear glasses, there are additional concerns during the moment of a first kiss. Twenty percent of glasses wearers have experienced “kiss-clash,” where two pairs of glasses collide while going in for a kiss. Additionally, 38 percent find their glasses annoying when kissing due to issues such as clashing with the other person’s glasses (46 percent), fogging up (36 percent), and hair getting caught in them (24 percent). Glasses were also reported to be bothersome during activities like exercising (26 percent), doing makeup (22 percent), and cooking (20 percent).

To address the issue of “kiss-clash,” the research was conducted by Specsavers, which is offering a one-month free contact lens trial to help people avoid this problem.

Interestingly, the study found that 80 percent of people with a sight prescription are more scared about trying contact lenses for the first time than they are about having a first kiss. Seventeen percent of glasses wearers admitted to being scared of trying contact lenses for the first time, with concerns ranging from lenses getting stuck in the eye (57 percent) to fear of pain (51 percent) and accidentally poking oneself in the eye (50 percent).

Alexandra Green, head of contact lenses for Specsavers, expressed the aim of dispelling the fear surrounding contact lenses, stating, “We love glasses, but we know that sometimes they can get in the way, with kissing being a prime example. That’s why we’re offering a free month’s contact lenses trial so everyone can have a kiss-clash-free Valentine’s Day.”

Top Ten First Date Fears:

  1. Not having anything to talk about
  2. Loads of awkward silences
  3. The date might be boring
  4. The possibility of being stood up
  5. The concern that they won’t get your sense of humor
  6. The worry that they won’t match their online profile
  7. Whether you should suggest splitting the bill
  8. The fear of not getting their sense of humor
  9. Getting food on yourself
  10. Knowing when to lean in for a kiss

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