Too Good to Waste®: New Ecover Household Cleaners Made From Food Waste Pioneer Change in the Industry

Today, Ecover unveils two breakthrough cleaning products. The pioneering Too Good To Waste® Multi-Surface Cleaner and Toilet Cleaner showcase how the cleaning industry can use food waste to reduce its carbon emissions.

With ingredients being the primary driver of Ecover’s carbon footprint, developers at the company – which has been disrupting the cleaning category for over 40 years – worked with pioneering partners to launch the new cleaning duo made with food waste-derived formulations.

The Too Good To Waste® Multi-Surface Cleaner and Toilet Cleaner are created using 97 and 81 percent respectively rescued food waste*. Both limited edition products have been proven to provide an effective clean, with the Multi-Surface Cleaner removing grease and grime and the Toilet Cleaner eliminating limescale.

Where is the cleaning power sourced?

–         Potato peels are fermented to fatty acids and treated with alcohol from zero alcohol breweries, and then converted into surfactants (the active ingredients that work hard to get things clean)

–         Supermarket food waste transformed into a descaler and another powerful surfactant known as biosurfactant, which occurs in nature and is obtained by fermentation

–         Rescued lemon and mint have been used to create fresh, clean-smelling fragrances

–         And sugar beet pulp that is unfit for sugar production is repurposed into thickener, so the loo cleaner sticks

Meanwhile, the bottles are made with post-consumer recycled plastic and the Multi-Surface Cleaner intentionally comes without a spray nozzle, saving 35 percent plastic and encouraging re-use of triggers** from existing cleaning bottles.

Since launching, Ecover has been on a mission to redefine what being ‘clean’ truly means. The pioneering products are formulated in Ecover’s ‘ecological factory’, the first of its kind, built in 1992 using 90 percent recycled or renewable materials.

With this limited-edition launch, Ecover sees Too Good To Waste® as an opportunity to challenge throwaway culture and encourage people to rethink the value of waste.

An Ecover spokesperson said: “As a pioneer of sustainability in the cleaning world, Ecover is passionate about sharing its vision for the future of cleaning ingredients and how progress can be made.

“We have long believed that businesses have both an opportunity and an obligation to make the world better, which is why we’re committed to innovating at an industry-leading level.

“In 2019, we launched our limited-edition Too Good To Waste® Washing Up Liquid, made using beer waste. But we couldn’t stop there. Our latest Too Good To Waste® products are the result of us challenging ourselves and our trusted partners to think even further about how we could revolutionise the cleaning category by viewing waste as an asset. After all, waste is only waste if you waste it.”

Ecover is proud to have worked with partners from the CBE JU funded Waste2Func Project to bring these industry-leading products to life.

Nicoló Giacomuzzi-Moore, the Executive Director ad interim of the Circular Bio-Based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE JU), which contributed €6.7 million to the Waste2Func project leading to the pioneering cleaners, said: “Today’s launch of these two highly innovative products on the market is an important milestone for CBE JU because they represent our vision for a circular bio-based economy in Europe.

By turning food waste from agriculture, food industry, supermarkets and restaurants into high-value ingredients for household items like these cleaning products, the project will contribute to decreasing the industrial CO2 emissions, increasing value from food waste and creating high-tech jobs in Europe.”

Available as a duo for £6 RRP, the new limited edition Too Good To Waste® Multi-Surface Cleaner and Toilet Cleaner is available at

Visit to find out more or join the conversation at @Ecover_UK. Together, we can pioneer the future of clean.

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