Mother Chooses Breast Reduction to Overcome Breastfeeding Challenges

A mother who struggled to breastfeed her children due to her 34H breasts has recently undergone breast reduction surgery, reducing her cup size by a remarkable seven sizes.

Elle Curtis, a 40-year-old pathology laboratory technician from Melbourne, Australia, bravely shares her journey of finding freedom and self-acceptance after opting for breast reduction surgery.

At the age of 22, Elle initially declined the surgery, hoping that her large breasts would provide an ample milk supply for her future babies. However, she soon discovered that her babies were not gaining weight adequately, leaving her with no choice but to resort to formula feeding after weeks of unsuccessful attempts.

The excessive weight of her 34H breasts also caused chronic pain in her neck and shoulders, ultimately leading Elle to make the life-changing decision to pursue surgery.

“I had always believed that having larger breasts would mean an unlimited milk supply for my babies, but I was mistaken,” Elle revealed in an interview with “All three times, my babies struggled to gain weight, and after much consideration, I made the difficult decision to switch to formula feeding.”

Elle’s breasts began developing at the tender age of 11, setting her apart from her peers and subjecting her to relentless bullying throughout her school years. She reflects on the constant taunting and feeling as though people were fixated on her chest rather than her as a person. “Men and boys, in particular, would tease me for my ample bosom, and it became a lifelong struggle,” she shared.

Even at 16, Elle found herself facing difficulties when shopping for clothes, often unable to wear the fashionable tops her friends effortlessly flaunted at parties and clubs. This experience forced her to adapt her wardrobe choices to downplay her chest, opting for outfits that concealed cleavage, avoiding spaghetti straps, and steering clear of patterns that would draw attention to her breasts.

Although Elle initially consulted a general practitioner about breast reduction surgery at the age of 22, she ultimately decided against it, feeling unprepared to commit to such a transformative procedure at such a young age. Her primary focus at the time was on starting a family and experiencing the joys of motherhood.

However, after meeting her partner Heath at 27 and giving birth to three beautiful children, Elle’s breasts continued to grow, exacerbating her breastfeeding challenges. The struggle to find comfortable nursing positions, particularly in public, and the reliance on a large feeding pillow limited her mobility and hindered her ability to nurse her infants effectively. Despite her best efforts, breastfeeding proved to be an insurmountable hurdle for Elle.

Enduring the physical burden of heavy breasts for so many years, coupled with excruciating neck and shoulder pain, compelled Elle to reconsider the idea of breast reduction surgery. She described the numerous challenges she faced, including deep shoulder indentations from bra straps, overall discomfort, negative body image, limited clothing options, expensive bras, and an inability to exercise properly.

Voicing her concerns to a surgeon during a consultation, Elle made the courageous decision to proceed with the procedure. On March 7, 2023, she underwent a two-and-a-half-hour surgery, which included liposuction and a breast lift. The breast reduction alone cost approximately £12,857.06 GBP ($24,000 AU).

Recalling the moment she woke up in the recovery room, Elle shared, “My surgeon gently said it’s all done and took my hand to place it on my new reduced breast so I could feel the difference. He then rang my husband to tell him I am out of surgery.” The operation involved the removal of 1.2kg from each breast, and Elle spent one night in the private hospital for post-operative care.

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