Miraculous Recovery: Toddler Survives After Swallowing Clothes Peg Spring

A 17-month-old boy has miraculously survived after swallowing a spring from a clothes peg, leading to severe breathing difficulties. The incident occurred while his mother was hanging clothes to dry in the garden.

The concerned mother rushed the toddler to the hospital, where he was examined by Dr Antonia María Salermo Reyes, an ear, nose, and throat specialist. An X-ray revealed the presence of the foreign object in the boy’s airway.

A team of medical professionals, including Dr Salermo Reyes, Dr Pablo Medina, Dr Mavil Benítez, and Dr Alberto Igarza, performed an exploratory esophagoscopy using a 22-cm rigid endoscope at the Octavio de la Concepción de la Pedraja Paediatric Hospital in Holguín, Cuba, on 9th May.

Dr Salermo Reyes noted significant swelling of the oesophageal mucosa caused by the extracted foreign body, a metal spring with two sharp points. Oesophageal perforation is a major concern in such cases, but the procedure was successful, and the child did not experience any complications.

The young boy is expected to make a full recovery, bringing relief to his family. Following the surgery, he was placed under observation in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

The hospital highlighted that this incident was the fifth case of a foreign object being removed from a child’s airway. They urged parents to remain vigilant in ensuring the safety of their young ones.

The remarkable survival of this toddler serves as a reminder of the importance of childproofing environments and the need for constant supervision to prevent accidents. It also underscores the crucial role played by skilled medical professionals in handling such emergencies and providing timely intervention.

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