Family Outraged as 47-Stone Man’s Coffin Doesn’t Fit in Cemetery

A family was left furious and distraught when they attempted to bury their 47-stone relative, only to find that his coffin didn’t fit in the designated niche at the cemetery. The incident resulted in a four-hour delay as they waited for the fire department to arrive and enlarge the space.

The deceased, José Antonio, tragically passed away due to complications during weight loss surgery. His family had hoped to lay him to rest next to his mother, who had recently passed away. They had informed the funeral company and local authorities about the special requirements for accommodating his large-sized coffin.

However, the council of Matagorda in Andalusia, Spain, informed the family that they could not provide two niches, despite the family’s willingness to pay for them. When the time came to inter the coffin in the allocated niche, it became evident that it was too small.

Grieving relatives had to endure a lengthy wait until the fire department arrived to resolve the issue. Firefighters used a hammer and chisel to chip away at the sides of the niche for over an hour, eventually making enough space for the coffin to fit.

Ventura and Mónica, the victim’s relatives, expressed their frustration and disappointment with the local authorities. They had previously informed the town hall about the unique characteristics of the coffin, but their concerns were not adequately addressed. The family felt mistreated and disrespected during their interactions with the funeral home and local officials.

Despite being offered an alternative cemetery in a different town, the family insisted on burying José next to his mother. They refused to compromise on their wishes. The long wait and distressing experience have left them contemplating potential legal action against the local authorities.

The incident highlights the challenges faced by families dealing with exceptional circumstances and the importance of compassionate and accommodating support from funeral services and local authorities during such sensitive times.

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