Domino’s Unveils AI-Inspired Pizza Toppings Based on National Dishes for Eurovision Final

Move over pizza pie, it’s time for pizza AI! Domino’s has revealed a lineup of national dish-inspired pizza toppings for countries competing in the Eurovision final, and the unique combinations have all been created with the help of artificial intelligence.

As the host nation for war-torn Ukraine, the UK, with Mae Muller singing for glory, has been given a Beef Roast Dinner specialty pizza. This creation features potatoes on a bed of gravy, topped with horseradish sauce.

France’s pizza is inspired by Coq au Vin, featuring braised chicken, diced potatoes, and a rosemary garnish.

Germany’s pizza showcases Bratwurst sausage loaded over chips, drizzled with ketchup and mayonnaise.

Italy’s pizza combines the flavors of Carbonara pasta with pepperoni slices as a border.

Spain’s pizza pays homage to Paella, with clams and prawns and a sprinkle of spring onions.

Sweden’s pizza offers a Fish topping with sliced tomatoes, chopped radishes, and onions.

Ukraine’s pizza features the trademark Chicken Kyiv, dressed with lemon and dill.

Meanwhile, Australia, a participant in Eurovision since 2015, surprises with a pizza inspired by Fairy Bread, an old-fashioned Aussie snack made from white bread, butter, and sprinkles of ‘hundreds and thousands.’

A spokesperson for Domino’s commented, “With Eurovision being one of the busiest nights of the year for Domino’s, the nation’s favorite pizza brand has cooked up a treat for the senses. By challenging AI to imagine what a limited-edition pizza for all the favorite competing countries would look like, Domino’s set its AI system, MidJourney, to work, curating completely unedited Eurovision-inspired pizza toppings for The Big Five countries and a few other nations.”

The pizzas generated by the AI range from a delicious-looking Roast Dinner to Carbonara and a clam and prawn-loaded Paella pizza. Signature dishes were also created for host nation Ukraine with the Chicken Kyiv pizza, and for Australia, a Fairy Bread pizza.

Sam Wilson, the AI mastermind at Domino’s, said, “Pizza brings everyone together, just like Eurovision. So we challenged AI to generate the perfect pizza for each nation. It’s no surprise that the classic Sunday Roast was Britain’s pizza of choice, but we didn’t expect Fairy Bread for Australia. We’re rooting for Mae Muller this weekend and look forward to seeing her wave the flag for the UK. But we won’t be giving AI a role in our kitchen just yet.”

The Eurovision contest drew over 161 million viewers worldwide last year, with an estimated 8.93 million people in the UK tuning in to the finale ceremony in 2022.

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