BoohooMan Faces Accusations of Exploiting Gang Culture With Sale of “Rebellious” Balaclavas

Renowned for its trendy clothing, the fast fashion brand BoohooMan has come under fire for including face coverings inspired by street culture in its collection. These balaclavas, originally priced at £10, are currently being sold at a reduced price of £5. With options available in black and grey, customers have various colour choices to suit their preferences.

Controversially, the brand decided to enhance the product listing with provocative “style notes.” The description reads as follows: “Attention all rebellious individuals! Embrace the enigma of the latest trend: the balaclava. Our vibrant collection allows you to effortlessly rock the streetwear aesthetic without appearing overly threatening.”

Unsurprisingly, this language choice has sparked anger among customers. One individual expressed their outrage, stating, “This is disgraceful! Why promote such behavior? Are we not already witnessing enough knife crimes plaguing our streets? The daily suffering and tragic loss of young lives due to stabbings is heartbreaking.”

Another dissatisfied customer vented their frustration, exclaiming, “Boycott Boohoo! This is not the first time they have exhibited a complete lack of class. It’s distasteful and offensive.”

Lin Mei, sharing their sentiment, added, “By capitalising on the prevailing gang culture and perpetuating negative stereotypes, BoohooMan is essentially endorsing this culture of criminality. It’s disheartening to think that those responsible for violent crimes and even murders may be wearing these balaclavas, while the brand actively encourages such behavior.”

However, amidst the criticism, there was one customer who saw no issue with the product. They argued, “Let’s not overreact here. Apart from the ‘bad boys’ reference, brands like Nike and many others do the same thing. We should allow people the freedom to express themselves.”

BoohooMan has been requested for comment regarding these allegations.

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