Carole Baskin Slams Elon Musk for Using Monkeys in Neuralink Brain Implant Tests

Carole Baskin, the animal rights activist and CEO of Big Cat Rescue, has criticised billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk for using monkeys in the testing of his brain implant technology at Neuralink.

Musk recently announced that Neuralink had successfully implanted a wireless chip into a monkey’s brain, which enabled the animal to play video games using its mind.

However, Baskin has expressed concern about the welfare of the animals used in these experiments and called for a boycott of Neuralink until the company stops using animals in its tests.

In a statement to the press, Baskin said: “It is cruel and inhumane to use monkeys in these tests. These animals are intelligent and sensitive creatures, and they should not be subjected to this kind of treatment.”

Baskin, who rose to fame as the star of the hit Netflix documentary series “Tiger King,” has long been an advocate for animal rights and has campaigned against the use of big cats in captivity.

She added: “I urge everyone to boycott Neuralink until they stop these cruel experiments. We need to send a message that this kind of behaviour is not acceptable.”

Musk has not yet responded to Baskin’s comments.

Neuralink was founded in 2016 with the aim of developing a brain-computer interface that could allow humans to control computers and other devices with their thoughts. The company has faced criticism in the past for its use of animals in testing, including pigs and rats.

Earlier this year, the US Department of Agriculture fined Neuralink $12,000 for violating animal welfare regulations during its experiments on pigs.

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