Woman Dies From Pit Viper Bite While Hanging Clothes to Dry

A 36-year-old woman, Marciele de Pinho Silva, died after being bitten by a deadly pit viper while hanging clothes out to dry in her garden. The incident occurred in Mato Grosso State, Brazil.

The snake nipped Marciele on the foot, and her husband killed it and took its body with him to the clinic. The attending nurse administered eight vials of antivenom serum specific to the species. Marciele was then transferred to the Municipal Hospital of Cuiabá, where she passed away the next day, on May 4th.

Although the patient made the entire trip between health units accompanied by a doctor and nurse, her condition deteriorated rapidly in the hospital. She suffered severe pain and went into cardiac arrest before passing away in intensive care. Her death certificate stated that she died of ‘coagulopathy caused by snakebite’.

The patient’s family has questioned whether the serum she received at the local clinic was for the correct snake species. However, the city council said in a statement that all the medication and protocols were carried out correctly.

Rosa Blanco, the municipal secretary of Health, called Marciele’s death “an isolated case.” The authorities have confirmed that an investigation is underway to determine all the circumstances surrounding the victim’s death.

Snakebites are relatively common in the region, and many accidents occur with venomous animals, primarily the pit viper species. The incident serves as a reminder of the dangers posed by these deadly creatures, and caution is advised when in their habitat.

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