Court Order Fails to Protect Saleswoman, 28, From Ex-Husband’s Fatal Attack

Despite a court-issued order to protect her, a saleswoman, Jéssica Almeida Ramos Wehinger, was tragically killed by her ex-husband, Roberto Belchior Wehinger, a police officer.

The incident occurred during a night out with her new partner, just two months after the court order prohibited Roberto from coming within 300 metres of her.

The court order was issued in February following Roberto’s alleged threats towards Jéssica after their separation. The order, which lasted 90 days, was put in place due to Roberto’s history of “threats, aggressions, and acts of violence” against Jéssica.

On 29 April, Roberto reportedly ambushed Jéssica and her new boyfriend, aged 39, at a bar in Praia Grande, near São Paulo, Brazil. An altercation broke out between the new boyfriend and Roberto, resulting in a physical fight. Soon after, Roberto allegedly took out his gun and fatally shot Jéssica in the forehead, killing her instantly.

Roberto then turned the gun on himself and also passed away, despite undergoing surgery at Hospital Irmã Dulce.

The tragic incident has highlighted the critical need for stricter laws and greater enforcement of protective orders. It also serves as a stark reminder of the dangers faced by victims of domestic violence, especially in cases involving individuals with access to deadly weapons.

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