FA Launch Investigation Into Jurgen Klopp Clash With Referee Paul Tierney 

The FA has launched an investigation into Jurgen Klopp’s comments concerning referee Paul Tierney following the Red’s 4-3 win over Tottenham. 

The German manager was carded by the match official in question after celebrating Diogo Jota’s stoppage time winner; he reportedly screamed into the face of fourth official John Brooks. Klopp caused more controversy post match after making comments that suggested Tierney has a problem with his side in particular. 

The PGMOL issued a strongly worded statement on Sunday night after the match, speaking about how Tierney’s actions were justified and not improper in any way, shape, or form. 

The FA will look into Klopp’s post-match comments with the liverpool man facing a possible charge. Meanwhile, they’re waiting on a report regarding the manager’s behaviour during the game which will be provided by the referee. Only then will the association act and fine him as they see fit. He may not be fined as the referee dealt with the matter in-game by issuing a yellow card to the manager.  

Speaking to Sky Sports after the game, Klopp had this to say of Tierney: 

“We have our history with Tierney, I really don’t know what he has against us.

“He has said there [are] no problems but that cannot be true? How he looks at me, I don’t understand it. In England nobody has to clarify these situations, it’s really tricky and hard to understand. What he said to me when he gave me the yellow card is not okay.”

In the same interview he admitted that his goal celebration was inappropriate before focusing on Tierney. 

“How’s my hamstring? Bad enough. So that’s a fair punishment for behaving not the right way,” Klopp told reporters. “That’s it. I have pain for a few days, Mr Tierney not. I will be ready to do what I always do and the celebrations if we have something to celebrate will be much calmer.

“The problem is I have to mention it because you don’t speak about it. Paul Tierney gave us, in a season which was quite important, he didn’t give Harry Kane a red card – I love Harry Kane, what a player, today again – my god – he’s pretty much unplayable.

“That day, he didn’t get a red card but Robbo got a red card. We drew 2-2, you might remember it? (December 2021). It was not the first time, there are so many things. Just little ones and nobody in the stadium wanted the foul in the situation with Mo Salah, the linesman was completely calm – both hands down, and he whistled.

“Of course we are emotional in these moments. It’s difficult. It is not okay we shouldn’t do that, yes, we are role models, all clear. But we are human beings first and foremost.

“Before you are a role model you’re a human being and that happens in the moment. But I didn’t say a bad word to the fourth official – not at all – and he wouldn’t have deserved it anyway because he didn’t do anything wrong but I turned around to the fourth official, celebrated in that direction and pulled my hamstring probably in that moment.

“So fair enough, all good. I’m already punished, I got a yellow card on top of that, I think he thought I should have got a different punishment but because of the fourth official, it was a yellow card. That’s it. We have to ask Mr Tierney what is going on.”

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