Adrian Newey Renews Contract With Red Bull 

The legendary F1 designer’s contract was set to expire at the end of the year, prompting recent rumours that he may be targeted by rivals.

On the heels of Red Bull’s RB19’s dominant start to the 2023 season, sources indicate that the team and Newey have moved swiftly to finalise a new agreement that will extend their collaboration for many years to come.

Newey will continue to oversee the development of Red Bull’s F1 team, its Advanced Technology business, and its new Powertrains division in his capacity as chief technical officer.

Christian Horner, the team principal of Red Bull, praised Adrian Newey’s commitment to the team, which he first joined in 2006, despite the absence of an official announcement of the new contract or information regarding its duration.

“Adrian has been such a fundamental part since almost the beginning,” Horner told Autosport.

“He covers a lot of a lot of areas and, to have the depth of his experience and knowledge to draw upon, and the way he works with the young guys, it’s great.

“He’s just as motivated as he always been. Obviously, he has a great interest in what’s going on in Powertrains, and Red Bull Advanced Technology as well. So, he covers the three pillars of the campus in Milton Keynes.”

Horner reckoned that Red Bull’s upper management and team including senior figures like Pierre Wache and Ben Hodgkinson helped him put in his best as a team principal. 

“I think Pierre on the chassis side does a great job,” added Horner. “We have got Ben Hodgkinson on Powertrains doing a fantastic job and Rob Gray on the Advanced Technology side.

“It’s a people business, and that enables him [Newey] to apply his expertise. He doesn’t have to be there every single day on one particular topic. We’re able to use the breadth of his experience across the group.”

He also said that Newey was excited about the idea of Red Bull producing it’s own engines and becoming a manufacturer in the sport starting from the 2026 season. 

“Adrian is a very competent engineer regarding all things to do with combustion,” said Horner. “You can see that he’s fully bought into the concept and sees the potential that it really brings longer term.”

Newey is seen as a genius designer and engineer as he’s had a long and illustrious career having won titles for teams like Williams, McLaren, and most recently Red Bull. 

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