New Government Alarm Test Avoids London Marathon 

On Sunday 23rd April, the UK Government will be testing a new public alert system that will check the function of a new alarm system designed to warn citizens of potentially life-threatening situations such as floods, wildfires and public health emergencies.

However, there have been potential concerns that the alarm will clash with the London marathon taking place that day. The government has responded however saying that the alarm won’t disrupt the marathon as the alarm will take place at 3pm GMT, a time at which the event will already be over. 

Warning of the alarm, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Oliver Dowden said: “At 3 pm next Sunday we’ll be doing a nationwide test of our new Emergency Alerts system.

“Getting this system operational means we have a vital tool to keep the public safe in life-threatening emergencies.

“It could be the sound that saves your life.”

What Will The Emergency Text Say?

The message will say this: “This is a test of Emergency Alerts, a new UK government service that will warn you if there’s a life-threatening emergency nearby. In a real emergency, follow the instructions in the alert to keep yourself and others safe. Visit for more information.

“This is a test. You do not need to take any action.”

After the message has appeared, phone users will be asked to swipe away or click ‘Ok’ on their home screen before being able to continue to use their device.”

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