Eddie Jordan Criticizes F1 Cost Cap After Red Bull Dominance 

F1 Pundit Eddie Jordan has called F1’s newly introduced cost cap a “farce”, pointing at Red Bull’s dominance this season despite winning the championship last year and having the most severe cap applied. In addition to this, they’ve been hit with an additional penalty for overspending and still dominating. 

Specifically, the team was fined $6m and additionally docked 10% of their wind tunnel time for the season, but still appear to be running away with the 2023 constructors and drivers titles, they have taken double the points of any other team this season. We know that it’s early doors but still, this sort of domineering is impressive and calls into question the cost cap which was designed to tighten the grid and produce better racing. 

Jordan has expressed his concern that the title race is over and that the other teams and drivers are now left to fight over second-best scraps. 

“I think the cost cap is a farce,” he said at London Luxury Afloat. “Nowadays, if you give somebody a rule, they will get around it. If you push a set of rules in front of a person, they are there to be circumvented. I don’t understand the cost cap because I think it is virtually impossible to police.

“So, I can’t answer whether it was unfair on Red Bull other than the fact that it didn’t have the desired effect because now look at what they’ve done. I think it is such a big ask to see how anyone is going to compete with Red Bull.”

It seems likely that only an off in Australian Grand Prix qualifying for Sergio Perez has kept Red Bull from taking the maximum points through the first three rounds (fastest lap points notwithstanding), and Jordan admitted that he doesn’t see anyone else closing the gap.

“I would like to say it’s too early, but in my heart, I think it’s done,” he said when asked about the championship. “I just can’t see anyone with the strength, knowledge, speed, and capacity of Red Bull, and especially the drivers. The challenge is daunting.”

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