Mason Greenwood Holds Talks With Manchester United Over Potential Future at the Club 

Mason Greenwood hasn’t featured with Manchester United in over a year now and the 21-year-old hasn’t been looking any closer to a return up until now. 

Greenwood was suspended by the club last year after he was arrested by police on the suspicion of a number of crimes, including attempted rape and threats to harm. Roughly one year after the initial arrest, Greenwood was freed from any wrongdoing and all charges against him were dropped due to insufficient evidence.

The England international was suspended by the club a year prior after he was arrested by police following suspicion on a number of crimes including attempted rape and threats to harm others. Roughly one year after initially being arrested, he was freed from any wrongdoing and all charges were dropped as the police couldn’t find sufficient evidence to build a case. 

Greenwood remains suspended by the club but is still listed as a player on the official club website for Manchester United. In the latest development regarding the young player, it has been revealed that he’s had face-to-face meetings with club representatives to seek clarity on his future with the club. 

According to “The Sun”, the club will take their time in completing a full internal investigation before a decision is made about the young winger. Old Trafford officials are looking for satisfactory evidence to prove that Greenwood is in fact not guilty. 

“Mason and his team met with the club to start the process of trying to get to the bottom of exactly what may or may not have happened,” a source is quoted as saying by the publication.

“It is an extremely sensitive situation and the club think it is only fair that Mason is given the opportunity to fully explain himself.

“The club are keen to hear his version of events. Only when they have the full picture, can they start to move things forward.”

In my opinion, I think that it’d be difficult for United to reincorporate Greenwood into the team and in general into the United family once again. The damage done to his name and image is already done and many would frown at the idea of his return as they think he’s guilty. Sadly, the reality is that even if he is completely not guilty, none of the damage can be reverted and the world keeps turning without him, in general and at United. 

There is no doubt that he’s lost his touch without training at the club and also lost his morale, speaking strictly based on the fact that he’s not “fresh” he wouldn’t be useful to United as a player. It isn’t without a reason that he’d been accused of all these awful crimes, though, it takes hanging out in bad circles and not watching your tongue at moments; remembering that you’re in a position of responsibility as a footballer.  A shame as it’s doubtful this young talent will ever play at a top club.

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