Keswick MRT Called Out to 3 Different Incidents in Less Than 24 Hours

Over the weekend the Keswick Mountain rescue team was busy. The first call came in just after 2:30 in the afternoon to reports that a woman had injured her ankle on the rocky path whilst descending down the path of Cat Gill on Walla Crag.

Keswick MRT said “The woman and her partner were given assistance by a member of the Edale MR team who was passing by. Keswick team made the the short climb up the path and after assessing and splinting the ankle she was stretchered down to the Great Wood car park. As another shower rolled in the the team made use of the Fell & Bean pop up coffee shop awning whilst waiting for the ambulance. Many thanks to the owner who provided ‘on the house’ coffee to the team. Much appreciated.”

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I guess any everyone loves a free coffee, but our MRT deserve one. All the effort they put in all year round in all conditions helping outdoor enthusiasts who get into difficulties all across the UK.

In total there was 23 team members involved and took them 1 hour 17 minutes.

The day wasn’t done there for the team, whilst they was dealing with the above incident, the team received news of another ankle injury. This time on the path up to Helvellyn from the Swirls car park.

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Some of the team which had gone out to Cat Gill incident left to head over the Helvellyn.

A spokesperson said “Some of the team members were diverted from the Cat Gill job to join others going direct. They made their way up to the casualty and after pain relief the ankle was splinted and she was stretchered down to the car park where her walking group took her to hospital in their own transport.”

In total it took 1 hour 34 minutes for the incident to be completed.

Finally the next morning, the team were once again called out. This time by the Cumbria police. The police had received reports from other walkers about an abandoned rucksack at the top of Ruddy Gill and wanted the team to check it out.

Keswick MRT said “The rucksack had been reported to the police by passing walkers the day before and the Police wanted to check if this was related to a walker who had been missing for several days. “

Two members and their search dog were deployed to go and search for the bag, the police had given them a grid reference of where walkers had told them they had seen the bag. 

“On arrival at the given grid reference provided there was no sign of the rucksack. The team members broadened the search around the given grid ref but again could not find the rucksack. With agreement of the Police the team members were stood down and returned to base.” 

In total 3 members of the Keswick team were used and the incident lasted for 4 hours and 27 minutes.

This third one could have been a walker who had nipped off to use the toilet and left his bag or a wild camper leaving his bag while setting up camp. Its always good to keep and eye on your gear otherwise the MRT could be called out.

It was quite a busy 24 hours for the team.

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