Experts Warn That Millions Are Misplacing Their Routers 

Broadband experts at Zen Internet have revealed some top-tips for boosting internet speed, here’s a short guide that tells you how to maximise your internet connection speed all around the house.

Objects To Avoid 

Firstly, it is best to move your router away from an electronic devices, including those that connect via Bluetooth such as speakers. If your Wi-Fi router sits in the kitchen, make sure it is away from your microwave or kettle for example.

“Let’s be clear about this; you’re not going to be able to put your router wherever you want”, explained the Zen experts.

“It still needs a direct connection to your master socket (or ONT in the case of full fibre), so you might struggle to find its absolute ideal location. 

“But there are some things you can do to help the WiFi signal from your router more easily do its thing. Nearby objects to avoid can include baby monitors, cordless phones and cameras.

Zen Internet experts continued: “Dealing with this interference can be as simple as – where possible – keeping your router out of the way of these other types of device.”

Zen also suggests placing your router in an open area within the house so that the signal isn’t weakened by objects such as walls or large furniture. Despite many people’s instincts to hide this unaesthetic device that appears messy, clean air allows the device to function optimally. Hiding the device in a cupboard or corner is an absolute no-go which many are guilty of. 

Signal Boosters 

While the single point of a Wi-Fi connection, you can actually give your Wireless Access Point a helping hand by connecting more devices to the router by wire. This frees up wireless bandwidth that can only be used by some devices such as internet-of-things devices and mobile phones. 

Devices that you could connect using ethernet instead of wireless are TVs, Personal computers, and gaming consoles. 

“You’ll be guaranteed the best connection on your network and, crucially, you’ll be freeing up the wireless airwaves so there’s less competition for your wirelessly-connecting devices”, the broadband provider continued.


To improve internet speed and signal strength, additional powerline adapters can be a useful solution for some. These devices optimise performance through electric wiring in a home to carry broadband signal to each room of the house. 

Experts highlighted the fact that these apaters are a great addition to large homes where some rooms are further away from the main router than others. Zen Internet says:

“If you set up one of these devices sufficiently far from your router (but still within good signal range), it’ll repeat the signal enabling you to get good connectivity further away. 

“But there is a downside to WiFi extenders in that they’ll set up a new wireless network rather than just extending the range of your existing one.”

The experts recommended their own device, EveryRoom, which helps signal travel freely in each room.

Band Steering 

Routers can connect to one another using either a 2.4GHz or a 5GHz frequency, and they run on a variety of different frequencies.

The process by which the devices are able to determine which of these frequencies should be utilized is referred to as “band steering.”

You should be able to enable this feature by manually switching it on using a switch that is located on your router.

“In rare circumstances, you might decide that you’d prefer to control the process manually, and it’s possible to set up two separate networks (one at 2.4GHz, the other at 5GHz),” explained the broadband provider. Remember that if you do decide to do this you’ll then need to manually control which network your devices automatically connect to”, they added.

“That means no automatic switching to the ‘best’ frequency for a given location in the home or office.”

Available Bandwidth & Unused Devices 

Every router has a specific amount of bandwidth; this represents the number of connected devices that it can service at the same time. If you are downloading movies and TV shows, this will take up a lot of connection and make it harder to run another programme that requires Wi-Fi. Check to see what kind of connection you have; a connection that runs at 100 Mbps will be significantly slower than one that runs at 900 Mbps.

Another tip to improve Wi-Fi connection is to disconnect devices from the internet which you aren’t currently using. 

Zen Internet added: “And while we’re on the subject of unwanted WiFi use, if you really want to stay in control, you might consider disabling automatic updates on your devices. 

“From your phone to your PC, those automatic update downloads might be using a big chunk of your WiFi, often without you even knowing.

“So why not take control of the process and manually download updates when it’s convenient for you?”

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