Hakimi’s Ex-Wife Seeks Half of Footballers Wealth: Finds He Legally Owns Nothing 

Hiba Abouk is reportedly shocked by the finding that her Ex-Husband, Achraf Hakimi, legally owns nothing and his mother is technically in charge of his fortune and belongings. 

In a surprising turn of events, the courts had informed Abouk that her “millionaire” husband legally owns nothing as all his assets are registered in his mother’s name. This twist could mean that the Spanish Actress actually receives nothing in divorce proceedings if her lawyers can’t figure out a way to legally force the PSG player into handing over a percentage of his assets. 

The Moroccann International reportedly earns an eye-watering 1 million Euro per month but deposits 80% of his earnings to his mother, Mrs Fatima’s, account. Legally, the PSG superstar appears to own nothing, from property to cars, houses, and jewelry, not even his clothes are legally his. Reportedly every time he wants to buy a piece of clothing he has to ask his mother to buy it for him. 

Hakimi and Aboouk began dating in 2018 when Hakimi was just 19 and Abouk was 31. Abouk, now 36, anticipates an equal share of his €70 net worth in the proceedings. What halts all proceedings is the fact that if all of Hakimi’s belongings infact technically “belong” to his mother, she has no legal basis to claim them. 

In my opinion, this is a very smart loophole from Hakimi as nowadays there are loads of predatory women who will marry expediously wealthy men in order to exploit them in divorce; one such case that comes to mind is Jeff Bezos and his wife who became one of the richest women on earth after divorce proceedings. 

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