Major Traffic Delays Expected as Bristol Bridge Repairs Begin

Bristol City Council has recently announced the beginning of the much-awaited repairs on the Bristol Bridge. Commuters and drivers are advised to expect major traffic delays in the area as the work starts on April 12, 2023.

The project, which aims to ensure the bridge’s structural integrity, is estimated to take approximately eight months to complete. As a result, the Council expects heavy traffic congestion around the area as several lanes will be closed, and traffic will be rerouted.

Bristol Bridge is a significant landmark in the city, providing a vital link between the northern and southern parts of Bristol. The bridge is crossed by thousands of vehicles every day, and its maintenance is crucial to the city’s transportation system.

The Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport and Environment, Councillor Kye Dudd, has urged motorists to consider alternative routes and modes of transport. He also advised commuters to plan their journeys carefully and factor in extra time to account for potential delays.

The repair work will focus on replacing the bridge’s bearings and strengthening its piers, which have suffered significant wear and tear over time. The project’s budget is estimated to be around £12 million, and the Council has assured residents that the repair work will not affect the bridge’s historic character.

Bristol City Council has also collaborated with local businesses and stakeholders to minimize the disruption caused by the project. A traffic management plan has been put in place to manage the flow of traffic around the area. The Council has also promised to keep residents and businesses informed of any developments and changes during the project’s duration.

In conclusion, while the repair work on Bristol Bridge is essential, commuters and drivers are advised to brace themselves for major traffic delays during the eight-month-long project. The Council’s efforts to minimize disruption and keep residents informed are commendable, and commuters are encouraged to heed their advice and plan their journeys accordingly.

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