The UK’s Deadliest Industries: The Wholesale and Retail Trade Sector Was Responsible for 141 Fatal Injuries Since 2014 has revealed the most deadly industries in the UK, with the total number of fatalities recorded amongst workers and members of the public between 2014 and 2022. Top of the list for combined fatalities is the public administration and defence industry, although the construction industry has the highest number of worker-related deaths recorded within the eight year time span reviewed here.

Our research showed that since 2014, the wholesale and retail sector has recoded 141 deaths – 82 to workers and 59 to members of the public. This equates to roughly 18 deaths every year. 

Surprisingly, the arts, entertainment and recreation industry recorded 84 total fatalities – 21 to workers and 63 to members of the public.

The transportation and storage sector comes in as the most deadly to members of the public – being responsible for 302 fatal injuries. Whereas, the construction industry is the most deadly for workers – with 293 fatal injuries since 2014.

Jonathan Merry, CEO of Moneyzine, comments:

“A number of things may impact what career path a person chooses to take – average salary, qualifications, etc – but is an individual’s safety something they should consider, too? This list highlights the sectors in which the most accidents can occur, shedding some light on the most dangerous careers for people in the UK to embark on.”

Fatal Injuries to Members of the Public and Workers Between 2014 and 2022 by Industry

IndustryFatal injuries to members of the public (2014-2022)Fatal injuries to workers (2014-2022)Total Fatalities Recorded
Public administration and defence259171430
Transportation and storage302113415
Agriculture, forestry and fishing32223255
Human health and social work activities2058213
Wholesale and retail trade5982141
Information and communication2686112
Arts, entertainment and recreation632184
Water supply206181


These figures were sourced from a raw data set provided by HSE. The original data consisted of individual data sets for each year from 2014/15 up until 2021/22. Our experts calculated the overall number of fatalities for workers and members of the public within this time span.

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