Revealed: How Walks in the Rain Are Actually Good for Your Health

As Brits prepare for downpours and weather warnings this week, outdoor experts reveal that a walk in the rain is better for your health 


Brits are set to be battered by wet weather this week, as heavy rain and flood warnings are forecast across the country.

The Met Office has warned that persistent heavy rain may lead to some disruptions, including increased journey times and possible power cuts amid the unruly weather.

As the UK braces for the wet weather to hit, walking experts at GO Outdoors have revealed that a classic British downpour is actually the best time to step outside and get some exercise.

Pete Brown, Equipment Buyer at GO Outdoors, said: “While it can be hard finding the motivation to spend time outdoors during the rainy weather, rainfall is in fact the best time to get your steps in.

“For anyone experiencing low thoughts, walking during the rain acts as a good distraction as your mind focuses on the different sights and smells revealed by the wet weather, engaging your senses more than walking in the dry.

“Rain also helps to scrub the air clean and wash away pollution, so you’ll be breathing in the most cleansed air. This can be beneficial for your overall health, especially if you live in a busy town or city.

“If you’re considering a hike during this weekend’s rainstorm, here are three top tips to getting the most out of the experience:


  1. Be smart with your material choices

Fabrics like cotton aren’t ideal when exercising in the rain, since they’re thin and easily absorb water, making your clothes soggy and skin more prone to chafing. Instead, we recommend wearing water-resistant outerwear alongside merino wool or polyester baselayers, which have thermal properties.


  1. Wear the right shoes

No one wants to ruin their favourite pair of trainers in the mud and rain, so have a back-up pair for the wetter days. Waterproof shoes aren’t necessarily the right choice, as dirt and debris can get caught in them with no route out if you’re running through puddles and bogs. Choose something sturdy like walking boots that will support your feet, instead.


  1. Mindset makes a difference

Finding the motivation to get outdoors in the rain can be an uphill battle, but once you tackle this obstacle it’ll be smooth sailing. Just imagine yourself feeling free and letting your worries melt away to get the maximum mental benefits from exercising outdoors during the wet weather.”

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