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Saturday 20th September
HEADLINES: Tesco third store reports
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Record price for residental land

NEWQUAY’S PROPERTY boom reached new heights this week following the sale of a plot of land in the resort for the equivalent of £3 million an acre. The land on Pentire Avenue overl

Major residents' outcry at 'boy-racer' night time noise

BOY RACERS are causing such a problem in St Columb Major residents addressed the town council on Monday night. Bleary-eyed townsfolk are being kept awake all hours of the night by

Restormel votes to end Newquay Airport funding

COUNCILLORS have backed a decision to withdraw funding from Newquay Airport and hand over the ownership to the county council. They made the decision at the full council meeting o

Fight to stop lapdance club

NEWQUAY RESIDENTS faced with the prospect of a lapdancing club on their doorsteps are looking to form a group to fight the proposal. Angry homeowners in Chapel Hill and surroundin

Restormel proposes to end Newquay Airort funding 'burden'

BOSSES AT the borough council are proposing to withdraw funding for Newquay Airport and hand over ownership to the county council. Joan Vincent, leader of Restormel Borough Counci

Still no 'Sanctuary' for sleepless Mews residents

ANGRY RESIDENTS of housing association homes in Tolcarne Mews who have battled for 10 years against what they say is unacceptable noise from busses and a nearby nightclub, say the

Council to vote on licensing surf schools

SURF SCHOOLS operating on council owned beaches in Newquay would have to be approved by the British Surf Association if new legislation gets the go ahead. Restormel Borough Counci

Jon's a dog's best friend

WE’VE ALL seen, and been shocked by, the hard-hitting adverts for the RSPCA; it is hard to believe that people can be so deliberately cruel: But they can. At the RSPCA centre nea

Watergate dolphin suspected victim of pair trawling

EVIDENCE OF the continued marine impact of commercial fishing resurfaced this week, with the discovery of what is thought to be a further dolphin casualty on one of the town’s beac

Education facility scheme turned down

A GUEST HOUSE and surf lodge owner in Newquay has seen his educational project turned down by the county council. Matt Henshaw, owner of the Miramar in Atlantic Road and Matt’s Su

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