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News Archive > General > Fudge safe after 300-mile adventure

Fudge safe after 300-mile adventure

By Warren Wilkins 22nd November 2017

Fudge safe after 300-mile adventure
Globe-trotting Fudge with owner Parisa Jenkins

AN adventurous Newquay cat has been found after going walkabout hundreds of miles away for the second time.

Seventeen-year-old Fudge Jenkins, who lives in Trebarwith Road, hitched a lift in the back of a holidaymaker’s van on October 1 and remained there undiscovered until the driver had travelled 290 miles home to St Albans.

The Siamese cross’s microchip was scanned at a vets but he managed to escape.

Owner Parisa Jenkins launched a campaign through radio, newspapers and Facebook to locate Fudge while local residents helped through delivering posters and flyers.

A resident recognised Fudge in his back garden from a description in an advert so he shut the cat in and called Cats Protection St Albans. A microchip scan confirmed his identity and Parisa was given the best 40th birthday present when she received a telephone call to say Fudge had been found. The chocolate coloured cat is due to be given a lift home by charity workers.

Fudge previously went AWOL from his home on October of last year and was found six weeks later 50 miles away in Plymouth. He was reunited with Parisa and her family after they received a telephone call from a PDSA pet hospital.

Parisa is now investigating the use of a GPS tag to keep a track of her itinerant pet following his latest excursion.

Parisa said: “I had an incredible 40th birthday. A beach ride with two great friends, a surprise lunch with my husband and more brilliant friends and, then, to top it off, the phone call that brought happy tears, informing me that my beloved Fudge is safe and waiting for me to bring him home after his unplanned six-week vacation in St Albans.

“The residents of St Albans have been utterly amazing and I’m still in shock about the brilliant outcome.

“It’s hard to lose a pet. It’s even more difficult when you know your pet is lost somewhere more than 200 miles away. How do you practically search when you are that far away?

“The answer is that there are incredible people in the world, and, when you reach out your hand, vulnerably, and desperately say, ‘please, can you help me?’ those incredible people step forward and not only say ‘yes’ but then go above and beyond in their voluntary duty.”

Cats Protection St Albans deputy co-ordinator, Angela Lipman, said: “We got a report from a member of the public who had seen this cat and recognised the description of Fudge from the Herts Ad article, so had the presence of mind to shut him in and call us.

“He looked okay, a bit thin, but we would expect that. He was friendly and pleased to see people and when we opened the pet carrier he just walked in.

“It’s a great feeling. Days like that when you can reunite owners with their cats is one of the reasons we volunteer. It also shows the need to microchip.”

By Warren Wilkins 22nd November 2017

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