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News Archive > General > Funds found for ´World Class´ skate park

Funds found for ´World Class´ skate park

By Warren Wilkins 11th October 2017

Funds found for ´World Class´ skate park

NEWQUAY has enhanced its status as the boardriding capital of Britain after the go ahead was given for a world class concrete park.

Newquay Town Council approved funding of up to £201,000 to provide the remaining money needed to construct Concrete Waves at Trenance, which will get underway in January and take nine months to complete.

More than 100 skateboarders, BMXers and scooter riders descended on the town council where they made an impassioned plea to ensure the 10 year project became a reality as the present Wooden Waves is fast decaying and the plans would make it the best park in the country.
Newquay Town Council debated whether to approve up to £155,000 toward the concrete park plans from its localism earmarked reserves and £46,754 from skatepark earmarked reserves     at its monthly meeting last Wednesday.

Councillors had to decide whether to dip into the town council’s £1million reserves to build the proposed state-of-the-art £650,000 facility envisaged for the long-term project or construct a smaller park due to the timescale the grant funding has to be used, which includes £225,00 Section 106 money and £75,000 from Sport England. They had hoped the £200,000 shortfall would come from Sport England but a lower than expected grant was secured as the funding pot had been oversubscribed by 200%.
Skater Dave Rickard said: “We all want to see the concrete park built. I’m sick of seeing kids getting injured at Wooden Waves and we’re all fed up of skating cardboard.”

Another boardrider added: “I’ve watched Wooden Waves decay and people fall over and cut themselves deep. I cannot see why its not been done already. I’m baffled by it.”
Newquay Town Council took over the freehold of the Wooden Waves from Cornwall Council with the intention of redeveloping the park due to increasing maintenance costs. A successful consultation process received more than 2,000 positive responses.
Cllr Olly Monk, who has been spearheading the concrete park plans, said: “Wooden Waves is in a poor state of repair. “This really is the end of a 10 year project. The Wooden Waves park costs £15,000 a year to run.

“Newquay is growing and there are 6,000 more homes being built. We need to give people a space that they can be proud of. There are massive positive aspects of the project. If we do not do it now it could be gone.”
Cllr Joanna Kenny proposed the £155,000 should come out of the town council’s capital fund instead of the localism fund as she believes that money is earmarked for the repair of its Marcus Hill council offices and the library. She appealed for the proposal to be rejected when her amendment failed.

Cllr Kenny said: “The skatepark is not a localism project. This is a capital project.
“I did not believe at the pledge there would be no taxpayers money being spent. If we have a £350,000 skatepark why do we need to spend another £150,000. I’m not convinced why we need to take on this huge expense.”
Cllr Monk replied: “I did turn around and say we would not use council money but that was then and this is now. We received a smaller grant from Sport England than expected. With regards to size we need to replace Wooden Waves with the same scale.”

The majority of Newquay town councillors decided to support the proposal to release the £201,000 needed to ensure the  full scale Concrete Waves plan gets the go ahead, which was met with loud cheers from the packed public gallery. Dozens more people outside also started celebrating. They had been watching the proceedings via the town council’s first ever webcast of a meeting, which attracted an audience of more than 700 people.

Cllr Louis Gardner said: “I have never seen the public and the youth of Newquay so motivated for a project. There are young lads in the audience. If I was not convinced by the project before I’m convinced now.”
Cllr David Cheney added: “As a non skateboarder I’m 100% supportive of the Concrete Waves project. Newquay is the capital of surfing and we should be the capital of skateboarding.”

Cllr Grahaeme Jones said: “Every year during Tretherras Activity Week skateboarding is the most popular activity.
“This is about investing in Newquay and the new generation. I’m supportive of it.”
Maverick Skatepark, which won the tender to build Concrete Waves, will now finalise its engineering drawings with the £550,000 now at its disposal ahead of the build start in January. Wooden Waves is due to shut in November and December ahead of a decommission party so the wooden ramps can be dismantled to make way for the new concrete park.
The town council proposes to install CCTV, lighting and a boundary wall at the concrete park once a further £100,000 worth of funding is secured.

Town councillors hope to top up its localism fund through a Government Council Tax support grant, potentially selling the naming rights to the new concrete park and establishing a shop there.
Skateboard championships could also be organised to generate funds including a competition as part of Boardmasters. There have additionally been discussions for Concrete Waves to be used as a training facility for the British Skateboard Team ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
Mayor Margaret North, who chaired the meeting said: “The level of support for this project has been overwhelming.

“The town council had to utilise Facebook Live for the first time, to broadcast the meeting as the public gallery and committee room were full of supporters as well as a large crowd outside.”
Cllr Monk added: “This is a fantastic decision that has been 10 years in the making.
“The project can now move forward into the construction stage. Phase one is to build the actual park and then in phase two we will deliver the lights and CCTV and make provision for a concession.

By Warren Wilkins 11th October 2017

Paul 11th October 2017 20:10
A fantastic achievement and addition to a town where board riders have, and will continue to regard as THE place to ride. Well done councillors ✋
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