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News Archive > General > Anger as conker tree is felled

Anger as conker tree is felled

By Warren Wilkins 1st March 2017

Anger as conker tree is felled
Workmen fell the conker tree at Trenance Park.

OUTRAGED residents have hit out after a popular conker tree was cut down in Newquay.

The horse chestnut tree was chopped down at Trenance Gardens to the dismay of many people who spent their youth collecting conkers there.

Steve Peacock said: “We all used to get the conkers from that tree. I started when I was about eight years old. Why has the council chopped down that massive old tree? Unless it was unsafe, I do not know why they have done it.”

Cornwall Council was unavailable for comment as the NewquayVoice went to press yesterday

By Warren Wilkins 1st March 2017

maxine cuddy 2nd March 2017 14:38
This is OUTRAGEOUS!!! Why on earth was this majestic old tree cut down?? I too remember collecting conkers from this tree with my children when they were young, and took immense pleasure, along with theirs, from doing so. Is there a valid reason for cutting down this awesome tree that had given much pleasure (and conkers!) to obviously many many people over however many years the tree had stood there for? I myself have admired its beauty for the 27 years I have been in Newquay. The last time I saw it I do not recall it being diseased or in any way dangerous. It was a beautiful tree, especially when in flower, and it is heartbreaking to know now that it has been cut down for no good reason that is forthcoming from Newquay Council. I am sickened by the fact that many of Newquay´s beautiful features are slowly being torn away bit by bit, be it an old building here and there, the latest being the very old pub that was recently demolished in Mawgan Porth (the name of which escapes me right now as it has been some time since I had been inside) I was simple very aware of it whilst driving past it on my way out of Newquay, reminding me of the times I used to patronise it when I worked in a hotel close by and it saddened me when I drove past it on my latest trip out only to see that it had been torn down, without, as far as I am aware, very much notice to any of the villages or the closest town, i.e Newquay, being made aware of the proposed plans to knock it down, and in so doing, giving us the chance to voice our protests to that happening. Or another bit of Nature´s amazing beauty that had given countless people much pleasure whether just by looking it in or out of bloom, or collecting some of the many conkers it used to deposit on the car park below, next to the children´s park. Let me end by saying that it is a crime against nature and the residents of Newquay who it seems were not even asked if they had any opinion on such a beautiful tree being torn down. Another sly move by Newquay´s council who no doubt received some kind of monetary recompense by the people behind the tearing down of such an old landmark, for reasons which escape and are unfathomable to me.
Many thanks for your time,
Maxine Cuddy,
Resident of Newquay.
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