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News Archive > General > ´Hog´ centre in strimmer plea

´Hog´ centre in strimmer plea

By Beth Perry 3rd August 2016

´Hog´ centre in strimmer plea
Diane and Katy South of Prickles and Paws with the Hutton Hire team

A LOCAL hedgehog rescue centre is combining its busiest summer yet with support for a strimmer awareness campaign.

Prickles and Paws, the Cubert-based hedgehog rescue and rehabilitation centre, is currently caring for the more than 40 ‘hoglets’ by feeding them every few hours throughout the day, and sometimes even having to do night feeds.

Some of the hedgehogs come to the centre in litters and have to be kept together and others must be syringe fed.

Katy South, one of the founders of Prickles and Paws, said: “This is certainly the busiest we’ve ever been at this time of year. We are hand-raising the litters who come to us for a range of reasons, maybe the nest was disturbed and the mum abandoned them, the mother was killed or, in one case, a whole litter had been attacked by a dog.”

As well as caring for the hedgehogs the charity works hard to raise awareness about hedgehogs and to improve their facilities.

Prickles and Paws is currently fundraising for a new outdoor hutch system to help them better utilise the space they have.

Two large purpose-built hutches would be made out of a plastic material which is easier to clean and lasts longer than wood.

At the moment, the rescue centre are making do with donated hutches, of which a number are no longer suitable because they are falling apart or are not waterproof.

They are also attempting to raise awareness about hedgehogs and the dangers of garden tools, encouraging people to check for hedgehogs before using strimmers.

Diane and Katy from Prickles and Paws met with Simon and Pete from Hutton Hire after the company agreed to put stickers from the British Hedgehog Preservation Society onto each piece of equipment they sell or hire.

Katy said: “We see so many strimmer injuries and unfortunately an entire litter had to be euthanised recently because their injuries from a strimmer were so bad.

“The stickers are part of a campaign to raise awareness and encourage people to check the area before using any machinery. We’re very grateful to Hutton Hire and hopefully more businesses will follow suit.”

To donate to Prickles and Paws, visit fuzf# or attend their Education and Fundraising Day at Camel Creek on Friday, August 12, from 10am until 5pm. For more, search Prickles and Paws on Facebook.

By Beth Perry 3rd August 2016

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