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News Archive > General > Military police in airbase move

Military police in airbase move

By Warren Wilkins 3rd February 2016

A new military police facility is being established at RAF St Mawgan, which will see around 120 officers stationed there.

The RAF base will host elements of 1st Military Police Brigade in a new police investigation unit that will be capable of managing complex police investigations.

The facility, known as a major incident room, will replicate the benefits of major incident rooms used by Home Office police forces when conducting complex investigations. It will use the same Home Office Large Major Enquiry System (HOLMES) for analysing and linking evidence.

Around 120 Royal Military Police officers will transfer over in the coming months to RAF St Mawgan to work in the new facility and, as an independent investigation team, will come under the command of the Provost Marshal (Army).

RAF St Mawgan was chosen over other locations for its availability of office and living accommodation.

Married personnel and their families will be accommodated in the married quarters sites at Treloggan, St Eval and St Columb Minor, which were recently renovated. Single accommodation will be provided on base in spare capacity blocks.

Newquay residents believe the military police personnel locating to RAF St Mawgan will be good for the local economy.

Thomas Bradshaw said: “I think it will be a great thing for the town.
“It will help the trade in the town as there will be more working footfall but I’m not sure howschools will cope. Though surely it will open up job opportunities to locals and have a good impact on surrounding businesses.”

Deborah Hopkins, the former Labour Newquay Parliamentary candidate, added: “This is great news. It will be fantastic to see RAF St Mawgan with even more life. It has been a dreadful waste of a strong resource. It has been heartbreaking to see it so quiet. The RAF has been the heart of our community for 70 years.”

Paul Summers said: “This will be great for the town, the community, the economy and everything.”

The 1st Military Police Brigade is a formation created under Force Troops Command that has control over close support military police units within the British Army.

The brigade is being dispersed throughout the British Army at sub-unit level, although it will remain under the operational command of the Chief of the General Staff in order to keep and preserve investigative independence.

The brigade was formed under the Army 2020 reorganisation and became operational on December 1, 2014.

By Warren Wilkins 3rd February 2016

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