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News Archive > General > Parking regime change at Fistral

Parking regime change at Fistral

By Warren Wilkins 27th May 2011

A NEW car parking regime has been installed at Newquay’s Fistral Beach after clamping became too confrontational.

Clampers have been replaced by Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras, which record vehicles entering and leaving the car park. Visiting vehicles have a 20-minute grace period when they enter and leave the car park before having to buy a ticket. If they go past that timeframe they will receive a £90 fine in the post. This also applies to people who buy a ticket and exceed their time by 20 minutes from when they enter and leave the car park.

Nick Briant from Britannic Industries, which owns the Fistral International Surf Centre and adjacent car park, said: “A main reason for the change was that we found the previous system of clamping and ticketing too confrontational.

“The prices have remained the same – also through the NewquayVoice we issue over 1,800 free parking passes to locals each year.”

The Fistral car park will now be enforced by Parking Eye Ltd, which also manages the car park at Aldi in Cliff Road.

The charge for up to one hour is £1.80, up to two hours £3.20, up to three hours is £4.80 and all day is £7.20. The evening tariff between 6pm and midnight is £2.50. Jon Briant, manager at the Fistral Surf Centre, said: “The car park is now done by cameras so you have to make your mind up what you want to do. There is a 20- minute grace period to decide whether you are going to stay.

“The times a car enters and leaves the car park are recorded by cameras so the onus is on the driver of the car to make a decision whether to leave within the grace period or buy a ticket.

“If a driver decided to stay then for example if you take five minutes to buy the ticket they will have 15 minutes past their ticket deadline to leave the car park. The driver must ensure they pay the right amount.

“There may be certain circumstances where the fine may not be applicable. There is an initial £90 fine and if the motorist pays by a certain time then that reduces to £60.

“If they do not pay within a certain time there would be an extra £30 administration fee to pay.”

A Parking Eye spokesman said: “There is no change to the time limits currently in place. 
“As an added service the car park in now open 24 hours for the first time.”

Stuart 28th May 2011 13:59
More excessive cap parking restrictions. Is this the way to encourage new business from already discouraged tourists? How will this work for the free passes?
Jamie 29th May 2011 00:14
I´am a local lad been going down to fistral surfing for over 15 years, me & my partner are expecting our first child in September. I went surfing on the 17 th may 2011 round 6 o´clock my partner sat in the car at fistral as she had done many times before. The 27 th may 2011 we received a fine of £90. The signs of notification of change to the carpark are set so you only notice them if you know they are there. They say it´s for max spacing however there was only a few cars in the carpark of which 90 % locals surfing who received a fine. Between my family, friends, work associates & local surfers we´ve spent thousands of pounds in shops etc round fistral. I live only a few miles from Newquay but will never spend another penny in town. Me & my partner were planning our wedding to be around fistral later this year but our plans will now be changed & moved elsewhere due to this poor run nothing more than a scam
Gordon Buchan 1st June 2011 18:32
You should not be referring to these ´penalties´ as fines. Private companies cannot issue fines. Private parking companies issue unenforceable invoices to the Registered Keeper of the car, not necessarily the driver on the day.

Am I right in thinking that on the Royal Wedding weekend the ´penalty charge´ was £70 and by Spring Bank Holiday weekend it had gone up to £90. There were a lot a hand-written £90 stickers over the original £70 printed wording.

There was also one single board to warn of clamping which wasn´t there afew weeks ago. This would be missed by most people using the car park.

Parking Eye make their money by issuing lots of ´tickets´ and hoping a percentage are paid. It is doubtful they are on a percentage of the actual parking revenue.

As Parking Eye are advertising for an ´operator´ in Newquay it could well be that clamping is going to be back on the agenda.
Al 2nd June 2011 18:01
This is nonsense. The car park is privately owned and thus ´fines´ cannot be imposed for overstaying or not paying. The whole system is based on contract law, where the DRIVER entering the car park reads the signs and agrees to pay. If Parking Eye decide to get the details of the registered keeper from the DVLA, all they can do is send a ´parking charge´ which is essentially a request for payment. As a private company they have no legal right to demand any money or impose any fine on the public.

Private parking firms never take individuals to court. There are two reasons for this: 1. The responsibility to pay lies with the driver and not the registered keeper. Parking Eye have no way of finding out who the driver is; 2. If Parking Eye did take someone to the small claims court, they can only sue for losses (i.e. the money you failed to pay while parking there). They cannot impose penalties on the public and cannot up the charge if you fail to pay within a certain time frame.

Newquay Voice should be aware of all this and to lead Joe Public into believing that they can send out ´fines´ is plain absurd. Google parking Eye and the second result is a report from BBC Watchdog advising you to ignore all correspondence from Parking Eye as they have no legal powers.
Kate Williams 2nd June 2011 18:11
Al is absolutely right. Google Parking eye and nearly every article advises you to ignore them. You get four letters then they leave you alone.
If the council send you a parking FINE, you must pay - this is the law.
If a private company i.e. Parking Eye send the registered keeper a parking CHARGE, it is up to you whether you pay.
Their whole business model is based on 75% of people coughing up. No case on private land has ever reached court as parking Eye would loose.
Please also note that the court they are threatening above is the Civil/small claims court and not the Criminal court as parking here without a ticket is not a criminal offence or against the law in any way.
jack johnson 4th June 2011 10:17
Ace free parking, just cover your number plate on entry / exit
Dave Bassey 13th June 2011 14:35
´Fine´ - What a load of rubbish. No private company can issue any fine and has no power to enforce anything legally. Shame on you Newquay Voice.
NB: Google ´Parking Eye´. the company has a dodgy reputation and has featured on BBC watchdog also.
laura baker 17th June 2011 22:19
hi i think the parking charges are very steep. i work at the international surf centre and drive over half an hour to work every day and it has really affected me and has made things hard.
i have also received a fine of £60 for parking before the new system was in place.
i think locals and staff should have a permit.there is also no help for disabled customers which is discrimination.
i jst hope a change is made.
Louise Slater 19th July 2011 10:27
Hi i recently went to newquay for a weekend with friends. We parked near the beach at 11:00am Saturday morning. I got out and went to get a ticket. there was a board with different payments, and the last one said £6 allday if you ask car parking tennent. I paid the £6 to the car parking tennent and he gave a ticket. We got back to the car around 13:20pm. I´ve had two letters through the post asking me to pay a fine which has gone up to £120. I think it is uncalled for as i did pay for a ticket.
linda owens 1st August 2011 16:49
My husband recieved a parking charge notice informing him that he had parked there for 14 hours, which was untrue. All he did was check the surf out for 10 mins on Tuesday around 4pm, then drove off. The next morning he went to check the surf at 6am and stayed for 10 mins again. Parking eye sent us a picture of him entering the carpark on the Tuesday, then leaving the carpark the next day - it did not show us the picture of him leaving 10 mins later. I think they do this to make it look suspicious!! They should be ashamed of themselves. Unfortunately I payed the fine in haste, before I found out what really happened. :-(
neil evans 11th August 2011 20:18
I received a parking charge notice today and foolishly paid.I put a ticket on my car for 4hrs costing me £4 80 thinking I would need another hour I put another hour on my car.I still got a ticket.There is no-one to speak to and unfortunately I never kept the tickets.I wish I had read the comments before coughing up£60
Barry & Sue 24th August 2011 20:03
What an absolute crock. We took elderly parents down to sit and enjoy the scenery whilst it was pouring with rain. There were 2 other cars there! Due to the journey time and oldies we had to take a pee break. We bought a ticket just because we thought it appropriate to do so. A couple of weeks later we receive a parking ticket/fine from Parking Eye. Our pee break as we had gone over the allowed time by 2 minutes cost us £60!! We have paid Parking Eye £5 which covers our 2 minute oversight.
Geoff 30th August 2011 17:09
Just to let you know we´ve just received a "fine" from a company called PARKING EYE" for £60 claiming we did not have a ticked and we did! outrageous!!!
Trudi kettle 2nd September 2011 00:34
I have just received a parking fine of £60:00 for parking at fistral stating we had not bought a ticket. Luckily because of previous warnings regarding this company I kept the ticket as evidence. I will not pay the fine, I will never visit Newquay again ( after twenty years of staying three times a year) untill this company are stopped from operating in Newquay. disgracefully they also target disabled car owners as a friend of mine found out. It is a matter of time before rogue traders or watchdog highlight them.
Jo Jackson 7th September 2011 14:46
We ,as residents of Newquay , managed to get a free parking pass,but I have to say the idea of fining people can only be bad for business in the surf shops there .We take our daughter to look in the shops , with the possibilty of buying something ..but if we didn´t have the pass..we certainly wouldn´t bother !Madness !!
vicky ellerington 12th September 2011 20:04
me and my husband went to watch the surf before a long drive home to hull and payed for 1hours parking we only stayed for 40 mins and have now got a ticket to pay £90 well no way i am paying it payed for the parking once not paying again shame on you parking eye should not be allowed to do things like that
Cathie 12th September 2011 22:45
Ive just returned from Newquay today and was disgusted that the Fistral Car Park has been taken over by Parking Eye bandits. I paid £7.20 for a full day and no ticket came out of the machine. When I rang the number on the board a very rude lady told me all she was there to do was take another payment via my credit card. She said if you´re not happy I suggest you contact the council. When I asked if it was the council who owned the Parking Eye car park she said she didnt know who owned it! When I gave her the site number she confirmed it was Fistral Beach in MANCHESTER!! When I assured her I wasnt in Manchester she got stroppy and said thats where it was. I told her as a Mancunian myself I can catagorically state that we have no beaches in Manchester!! Still she wasnt having it. It seems that the number on the board is just a company that take payments nothing more nothing less - manners and geography are certainly not on the job description. So I had the choice pay up for a second time (£14.40 in total) or face getting a £90 fine for leaving the car park without purchasing a ticket! Im finished with place - Ill be going elsewhere for my hols in future. Ive been going to Newquay since my teens in the 70s but not any more. Also if this company want to impose these disgraceful charges to any unsuspecting soul who happens to venture past the cameras then they should install a barrier - that way people would realise they are being charged from the minute they enter. They make more money out of Fines/charges than parking fees. The car park was almost empty which shows the feeling of people who are fed up with bullying tactics. I wish Id have seen this site before I got myself so upset that day. AVOID any car parks of Parking Eye!!
Shaun 17th September 2011 23:02
I visited Fistral Beach on the 11/09/11 and entered the registration number for my van instead of the car by error when purchasing a ticket. I have recieved the fine of £90 for the car. The wife wants to pay to avoid it going to £120 but I still have the ticket so let them take me to court. I won´t be taking the family to Newquay again thats for sure!
Donal McGuckin 21st September 2011 21:55
On September 2nd, I parked at Fistral beach and paid £3.20 for two hours stay. We only stayed there half hour. A week later got a fine saying i hadn´t paid at all, and we have thrown the ticket away by this stage....what chancers !! I won´t be going down to Fistral ever again.
D Scott 26th September 2011 13:54
This company(ParkingEye)are outrageous! Just like previous posters here, my elderly parents have this week received a ´PCN´ ( note the use of a common acronym for Penalty Notice Charge), actually a Parking Notice Charge.
They were photographed in and out of the car park and a fee of £90 demanded, despite buying valid tickets and entering the car reg no. !! I can only presume this company mail everyone in the car park regardless of whether they buy tickets or not. There are no ´attendants´ checking tickets on display etc, so how can they ascertain who pays and who doesn´t? This is simply a scam to frighten people into coughing up. Granted some people simply don´t buy a ticket, but to mail everyone in the knowledge that 75% of people will pay up is a nice little earner! Disgraceful and surely detrimental to tourism..?
Pete 8th October 2011 07:47
We have just received a Parking Charge notification from Parking Eye for being at the Fistral Beach car park for 21 minutes and not paying the parking charge. What a way to attract visitors Newquay!!! It was a very wet and windy morning, we didn´t get out the car and the car pak was virtually empty. Never will we stop there again! Big brother strikes again...........
Jo 9th October 2011 14:30
We visited for area for the first time in 20 years to find the beach closed. After entering the Car park and taking it in turns to go to the toilet so as to not leave vehicle unattended and then finding lifeguard to ask if beach would open during the day we departed from Cornwall none the wiser. 6 weeks later we get a fine for £60.00. No more visits to Cornwall!!!
Jef 16th October 2011 07:35
We have been visiting Fistral and Newquay for years.Popped to Fistral on route to Perranporth. It was our wedding anniversay and my husband wanted to go back to Fistral as that´s where he proposed. We purchased a ticket and overstayed the hour by 20 minutes. We had to change our two year olds clothing (and mine) as she fell over in the sea. How annoyed are we to have recieved a letter from parking eye requesting £60 for an overstay of 20 minutes. We intended to leave on time; we were back at the vehicle changing clothes....we have been really offended by this letter and will not be visiting Fistral again. We wondered why the carpark was empty!!
A B 22nd October 2011 22:29
Is this legal? I was on hol and parked a few times in Fistral, buying tickets but never aware of the cameras or fine - I´m only concerned with buying a ticket not reading the instructions. And then in the post when I get home.. £60 fine. Cheers - great holiday NOT! But what is the fine of £60 for? For staying in an empty carpark between 7am and 9am a bit too long. Disproportionate - but a good way to make a profit!
me 23rd March 2012 15:22
They have now also taken over the car park on Tower Road, which also caters for Fistral parking.

So Newquay (particularly Fistral Beach) will soon become a ghost town all year round.

Due to their dodgy practices (failing to give motorists ample warning of their regime); no one will want to come back next year.

RIP Fistral Beach
Denise kennell 31st March 2012 17:33
I cannot beleive the scam that they have got going here! I have just received a notice that i have not paid the appropiate fee. When we entered the car park it said the first hour was free, so we stayed for 40 minutes and then bought a ticket . This was overstayed by 8 minutes whilst we gave our 7 year old a drink from the local cafe as she was freezing cold after being in the sea. We weren´t even aware that this was a camera controlled car park, There are no signs warning people of this. This is such a beautiful beach and i do not mind paying a legitimate fee, but it is ridiculous that there is nothing to let you know that overstaying by a few minutes will incur a hefty charge. I am disgusted also that a local newspaper has not pointed out these fines are a scam, it has put me off visiting this beach again until the car park is run properly, See Martin Lewis moneysaving expert for info on dealing with this and a link to you tube. The older generation will pay out of fear. This needs sorting.
Becky Mecrate 18th April 2012 20:33
copy of email to Parking Eye:
I am writing to let you know that I have contacted Watchdog to report the behaviour of your company at Fistral Beach, I will also be alerting the local press and speaking to the local council and my MP.

I have attached a summary of my letter to Watchdog:

On a cheap family holiday to Newquay this Easter we decided to brave the cold weather and go to Fistral Beach. There was a complicated parking machine which was Pay and Display - the charges were fairly steep at over £7.00 for the day but as we needed to entertain the children we paid and displayed our ticket for three hours. As we were with four groups of friends we spent some time in the car park chatting and sorting out children, buckets and spades, picnic etc We went to the beach had a cold but lovely time and returned to the car in time but then had to sort our children, wees etc We did this three days over the Easter holiday and returned home only to find a bill from Parking Eye with aerial shots of our car taken on entering and leaving the car park. We apparently stayed for over 3 hours and 23 minutes! We are asked to pay £90 for this despite having bought a ticket. I am now really worried that we will be getting further fines for the other days we spent at the beach as we didn´t expect to be charged in this way. My friends are also very worried that they will be charged.

This will have a huge impact on trading in Newquay and will ruin many family holidays. If the ticket purchased is to cover from the moment you enter the car park then Parking Eye should employ someone to take money at the entrance and make this clear. This behaviour is underhand and is deliberate in order to make money from fines.

John Perry 9th May 2012 13:58
Absolutely appalled at one of these hideous Parking Eye fines arriving through our door after a terrible weeks holiday in Cornwall due without question to the cold and wet April weather. Some justice though, we have visited the car park for the last 30 years on regular occasions whilst on holiday and never paid a penny in parking fees. We`only stay a short time and never when busy. So thats £2 a year which l suppose is not a bad deal.

Wont be coming again!!

Goodbye Cornwall

John Perry
Me 25th May 2012 16:42
I have it on very good authority that Parkingeye made in the region of £250,000 in penalties alone at Fistral Beach last year!

Sue - Nottingham 3rd June 2012 17:17
On a recent holiday to Crantock we decided to visit Fistral Beach. We parked in Tower Road car park, duly paid a parking fee £3.00 + (can´t remember the exact amount)which I should have given us 3 - 4 hours LEGITIMATE parking.

After a short walk around we were rather dissapointed with Newquay - to be honest it was dead!

We left the car park after 1 hour and 1 minute - well that´s what it says on my parking charge notice.

What have we done wrong?????

With parking enforcement companied like Parking Eye tourism in Newquay will die a death - we as many others who have commented on this site will not be returning again.

Sorry Newquay see sense and get rid of this company before they do you more damage.

And as for Parking Eye - I think they know where they can stick their notice!

Disappointed - Nottingham
Gavin Witt 12th June 2012 10:55
Parking Eye are preying in the unwitty and using bullying tactics to force payment. If they want to charge then this should be done via a real pay and display where an appointed human checks the tickets. The ticket is null and viod because it forces you to go over the time. if you need to obtain change, they are charging you for it, I have a disabled son and it takes me some time to unload him from the car so I do this and then purchase a ticket because this takes me 15/20 mins to unload him and get all his bits out i recieved a PCN and they are not prepared to recind the charge. I think its outragous that this type of behaviour is accepted. does anyone know who owns Fistral Beech. So I can complain I will not and refuse to pay the bullys.
Zoe d 18th June 2012 18:06
I went to tower road carpark last month put 4 hours on the car. Today I receive a fine stating I was in the car park for 3hours 59min. The problem I have now is I don´t have my ticket as this was 3 weeks ago and threw it away not thinking anything of it as I didn´t over stay...... Now I don´t know what to do? What has everyone else done and what was the out come?
I´m fuming
Dean 18th June 2012 19:02
Just came home to find a PCN from parking eye, and to top it off we paid to park at fistral. Really disappointed in the route Newquay is taking to hit the tourists, they struggle for business during the winter and if they keep employing companies like this they will start to suffer in the summer!!
sue 24th June 2012 18:53
just had a nice family holiday in cornwall we visited car park in newquay a couple of times , got home and we received pcn from parking eye to say we had gone over our ticket by 8 minutes and want to charge us 90 quid for the pleassure ,we had exceptionally bad weather rain winds we did sit in cars with kids waiting for rain to stop but didnt realise that they time you from entering we did not see anything explaining this . i think they should be ashamed of themselves we will not be paying this notice i dont mind paying for the extra 8 mins but they wont be getting a penny more .i only found out about this company when my daughterinlaw remembered hearing about these companies on the radio good job she did as i would of thought it ligit even the notice has got the black and white patyterns on which give the impression it all legal ,we go back cornwall next year but wont be going anywhere near newquay .
pete 24th June 2012 21:56
received penalty notice - told them to *ollocks. Goodbye Newquay after 20 years. Average spend in hotels etc for family of 5 around £1400 for a week. Will go elsewhere.
Chris 29th June 2012 11:40
This is indeed as bad as the rogue wheel clampers you hear about. Shame on Newquay for allowing it.

The good news is:
Legally they cannot fine you or issue you a penalty as it is a private car park (only councils may do this). Just google parking eye and you will see from many results that they are just bullies trying to get the timid to pay huge illegal fines by a dodgy scheme.

Do your homework, you will receive standard threatening letters, all from the same company (even looking official from debt collectors), but it is very likely you will join the rest of us who will not pay up. Their only recourse would be to take you to small claims court to recover the costs of the lost parking charge (£1.80 in my case for 22 mins), er let me think ;)

Robert D 2nd July 2012 20:51
Also just arrived back in Edinburgh after having the first holiday in Cornwall for many many years. Despite the poorish weather we really enjoyed Cornwall and the people. We stayed in Holywell Bay and decided to visit Newquay and parked (and paid) in the top car park. Later we drove down to Fistral Beach, parked and walked down to the start of the sand. As we have a dog we decided that perhaps this beautiful beach was not suitable. We returned to our car, planned our next destination and left. I would have paid if we decided to stay (as we have done in every Cornish resort that we parked in). I was never under the impression that we would be fined for just looking. To my extreme disappointment and horror I now have a demand for £90 for our 21 minute visit! In my mind this is criminal and has taken the shine off our holiday. At work today (prior to this letter) I was telling my colleagues how the 550 mile drive costing £200 in fuel was worth it.
My opinion of Cornwall/Newquay is now blemished. As tourists we ate/drank/spent loads of money but to rip us off in this manor is pure corruption. I have appealed and await their decision. If negative then Cornwall Tourist Board will be getting a strong letter (I hope they read all the other similar comments on this page).
me 3rd July 2012 15:51
They have now taken over the parking at Watergate Bay as well, so Newquay is well and truly stuffed now.

Nice one land owners, what well informed decisions you are making !!!
Karen Truswell 6th July 2012 19:55
Parking Eye are a disgrace and will make me think twice about parking in carparks at Newquay.

I have received a Parking Charge Notice for a visit to Fistral Beach carpark. Luckily, I still have the ticket which clearly shows that I have paid.

I have emailed this through to the company but now wish that I hadn´t bothered. I panicked a little if I am honest.

My advice to anyone who parks at Newquay would be to keep your tickets.
Dave 8th July 2012 23:32
Please do not pay this company any money if they contact you with a £90 ´fine´

Instead take a bit of time and read through this post and subsequant ones on the same website as it will explain to you what can and can´t be done:

Karl spencer 9th July 2012 16:50
Just got back from Newquay just received a parking fine even though I paid for an hour but on there camera I arrived at 14:17 and leaving at 15:15 am I fxxx paying for that well and truly pxxxxx off how they can keep getting away with this Newquay absolute disgrace u defiantly lost another family
Karl Spencer 9th July 2012 22:07
To all the above I´ve today written to watchdog hopefully u guys can do the same more people that do this less they can get away with it there an absolute joke I paid for an hour ticket and they clocked me arriving at 14:15 and leaving at 15:17 I was on holiday with my family from Swindon there definitely be putting off the tourist day light robbery
donna 10th July 2012 08:23
also i am fuming went to fistrel parked up couldnt decide what to do it was hammering it down so we turned around and went back out got home to a stupid parking fine also my son done the same but he brought a ticket but because he didnt decide in five minutes of getting a ticket he also had a fine to come home to i reccommend everyone to keep away from there spoilt my holiday
Colin 14th July 2012 18:13
Never saw a pay&display machine in multi storey in Havant week later 80 fine from parking eye my appeal turned down Can they fine you I don´t think so they are ruthlessm
paul 22nd July 2012 09:11
Please read the internet, Parking Eye are a private company and as such can not FINE anybody.
All they can do is ASK you to give them money. Please dont be taken in by this scam.
Unless a private parking company Owns the land they can not even take you to court.If you dont believe me then google private parking tickets.
Check out martain lewis website " MSE " OR The Consumer Action Group web site , you will be amazed at the extent of this scam.
paul 22nd July 2012 09:14
Please read the internet, Parking Eye are a private company and as such can not FINE anybody.
All they can do is ASK you to give them money. Please dont be taken in by this scam.
Unless a private parking company Owns the land they can not even take you to court.If you dont believe me then google private parking tickets.
Check out martain lewis website " MSE " OR The Consumer Action Group web site , you will be amazed at the extent of this scam.
Steve 28th July 2012 13:49
Just got an "prking invoice" for a motorhome we have lent to 2 Kiwis for a month. So have sent them the Kiwi´s address in NZ and suggested they forward their request for payment there.

I think I know the reply 7 letters (4+3) beginning in F and ending in FF
me1 30th July 2012 14:53
Robert D.
I can tell you the result of your appeal right now!
"Your appeal has been denied"
Do you realy think that a private company is going to turn down their only income stream.
There is no valid , independant appeals process for any private parking company.
They are only interested in you giving them money.
Check out the internet, type Parking Eye into your search engine, you will come up with a wealth of information telling you to IGNORE all demands from ANY private parking company.
There was even a Barrister on Watchdog with an robbinson telling you to Ignore as they have no legal basis to claim penalties from you.
me1 30th July 2012 14:54
Robert D.
I can tell you the result of your appeal right now!
"Your appeal has been denied"
Do you realy think that a private company is going to turn down their only income stream.
There is no valid , independant appeals process for any private parking company.
They are only interested in you giving them money.
Check out the internet, type Parking Eye into your search engine, you will come up with a wealth of information telling you to IGNORE all demands from ANY private parking company.
There was even a Barrister on Watchdog with an robbinson telling you to Ignore as they have no legal basis to claim penalties from you.
Karen B 13th August 2012 23:47
I have received a parking charge notice from parking eye, based on photos showing my entry and exit times as 13 minutes over the 3 hours that I paid for - which is not consistent with your report here that they only charge if the time paid for is exceeded by 20 minutes.
karen McCormick 21st August 2012 12:44
Parked at watergate bay front carpark six days in august paid £36 for 6 all day sessions, came home a week later fined £90 appealed,rang british parking association, for advice, they advise that sometimes a faulty machine pressing in reg. details does not work and it triggers parking eye to send fine. Any problems get back to them. parking eye took my money and can see if they check cameras I have parked there every day.
mel c 27th August 2012 19:28
we have just returned from a lovely,but expensive holiday in Newquay,alas on the day we travelled home(fri 24th aug),our son rang to say we had a parking ticket from these "parking eye" husband is disabled (a leg amputee) and we have a blue badge and also the relevant tax disc for the car that states disabled!..but we still got a ticket!no way are we paying it!i must admit the town wasn´t very good for a disabled person,not really any disabled parking spots,apart from sainsburys!will we visit Newquay again?i don´t think so!
Angela W 29th August 2012 11:07
Abolsutely disgraceful practice and should not be allowed by the council!! Just returned home to find a "FINE" for overstaying by 7 minutes - it took us this long to park and buy the ticket - will no longer visit Newquay as this is just daylight robbery aimed at tourists. I have no intention of paying this. If they want people to pay for the parking they use, have pay on foot kiosks to be paid on exit.
Mikeman 30th August 2012 12:13
Just sending this (2nd) appeal letter to parking eye:
Many thanks for your letter that has just arrived asking for more “evidence” of our problems in starting our 23 year old camper. Unfortunately, we are not members of any breakdown service, and the issue is the battery is being drained by some electrical item within the camper, as yet I have been unable to identify this item, but we do use a solar charger to try and keep the battery charged. This drainage does result (sometimes, and unfortunately for us this was one of them) in it taking a few attempts for the engine to actually start.

I have just phoned your telephone number, and asked for the charge to be put on hold for a further 14 days from today while I appeal. The person I spoke to was “Anna” who confirmed that as a minimum on all of the car parks that you run, there is a grace period of 10 minutes, and each car park will have it’s own grace period that may be longer than the minimum. Unfortunately, she was unable to give me the specific grace period for the car park in question.

Looking on various websites, it would appear that the minimum for this car park is 20 minutes. I have pleasure in quoting one website in particular, ( which states that the grace period is actually 20 minutes (which we were within),I quote:

Clampers have been replaced by Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras, which record vehicles entering and leaving the car park. Visiting vehicles have a 20-minute grace period when they enter and leave the car park before having to buy a ticket. If they go past that timeframe they will receive a £90 fine in the post. This also applies to people who buy a ticket and exceed their time by 20 minutes from when they enter and leave the car park.

Along with the 50 comments left by various internet users at the bottom of the article, one of which makes interesting reading, again, I quote:
Chris commented...
This is indeed as bad as the rogue wheel clampers you hear about. Shame on Newquay for allowing it.

The good news is:
Legally they cannot fine you or issue you a penalty as it is a private car park (only councils may do this). Just google parking eye and you will see from many results that they are just bullies trying to get the timid to pay huge illegal fines by a dodgy scheme.

Do your homework, you will receive standard threatening letters, all from the same company (even looking official from debt collectors), but it is very likely you will join the rest of us who will not pay up. Their only recourse would be to take you to small claims court to recover the costs of the lost parking charge (£1.80 in my case for 22 mins), er let me think ;)

So, in light of this interesting website, along with the other 3,840 sites available on google about your fistral beach car park (google link for your perusal), I believe that this matter is now dealt with. Further attempts to claim this parking charge notice from myself (as registered keeper) will result in me offering you the £1.80 for an extra hours parking charge before finally you take me to court where I will counter sue you for harassment and legal costs.

I look forward to your next letter confirming the matter closed.
jane cunningham 18th September 2012 13:46
i have just received a parking fine and am absolutely disgusted!!!! i have my parking ticket as proof of purchase, but what if i didn´t????? i think it is scary for someone to get a parking charge and they will ultimately pay up is that what parking eye are banking on!!! appalling way to run a business
Angie W 19th September 2012 21:28
Have just paid £62.95 as the car we were driving is a company car and didn´t want any repurcussions at work. I took my 91 year old mum who lives in Newquay (I live nearly 300 miles away and was visiting family in Newquay) but doesn´t get to see the sea much, to look at the sea, we didn´t get out of the car - she has a disabled badge so I didn´t get a ticket - what an expensive 40 mins. We certainly will not be visiting this car park again. It´s a shame Newquay council are allowing this as I feel that many people will now not be visiting Newquay and the town will certainly lose money in the long run.
Bob King 11th October 2012 08:51
I paid the ticket, I left 30 minutes before the ticket ran out and still they send me a parking fine.
If the council do not get rid of these bandits the council will have to explain to the local shops why no one is spending time there anymore.
I feel for the older people who will just pay up and be frightened by these modern day bandits.

Janice Derry 11th October 2012 08:51
Have jut received a parking eye ´fine´ for being in this car park for 16 minutes! The reason being we were not sure whether it was near the town centre and as we were on holiday and not knowing the area, we waited for someone to appear to find out, thus the 16 minutes lapse, on which we were advised to go to another car park. I will certainly not be revisiting Newquay again as it has certainly spoilt the holiday. So unfair.
bob 6th November 2012 00:58
just got a ticket through from parking eye for £90 , if i pay withinn 14 days it will be £60, the problem is we did pay the £1.80p for the hour and only stayed for 48mins, but cos i didnt put my reg into the machine to be printed on the ticket the fime has been produced, what a load of s--t, if you can put your money in and get a ticket without your reg , its the machines fault, still wating for the letters to roll in , to see what they say ,
Darren guy 17th November 2012 14:42
We visited this summer and paid for a few hours parking when we got back to the car we played crazy golf and carefully watched our time for our parking ticket. They had allowed an ice cream van to operate in the car park which with a hot day nd queues meant our 3 kids all wanted one. Upon returning home from holiday we got a £90 fine....we will never be back it tarnished our holiday memory completely. We did not pay ignored all letters and it went nowhere. Do not pay this is not a legal process that you must adhere to. Type in parking eye fines to the Internet and read up on what they can and can´t enforce. This is shamefull it really is
Paul 19th November 2012 13:36
I was visiting Newquay the first week in November and spent 30 minutes sitting in the car at Fistral Beach at dusk, in the rain. Could not see any parking charge details and as we didn´t park (didn´t leave the car!), didn´t get a ticket. I think we were the 3rd car in there.

Have just recieved a Parking Charge of £100 from Parking Eye. (Didn´t see any notices that numberplate recognition was being used).

Reading the internet I have decided to fight this outragous charge. If it was for the parking fee and realistic admin I don´t think I´d argue.

I have also seen that last year there was a 1 hour grace period. Pity it´s not the same this year.

We won´t be going to Fistral again so well done for driving away winter customers.
raymond owen 26th January 2013 11:34
pareked in aldi,s carpark bangor north wales for 30 mins been parkung there before and no letters but this time got letter . of parking eye didnt think of looking for signs after seeing your comments im not going to pay £70
Lee Barron 24th April 2013 22:14
Parking eye are back charging at Fistral beach. We went there on 4th April. Stayed an hour and then left. They appear to be wanting to charge me £60 for the 11minutes that elapsed from entering, paying and leaving.
Presently I cannot obtain any response from them... So lets see what happens.
Another victim 7th May 2013 14:19
Paking fine for 13 mins in the car park.
Whatever happened to the grace period of 20mins... scammers.
Never coming back.
Sue 16th May 2013 15:15
I took my sister who had never been to Fistral Beach for a coffee and snack at the café there.
Although we had both been many times and stayed in Newquay for holidays in the past.We wont return to Fistral we received a £100 parking charge for 49 mins parking a bit excess. Thank goodness I read the previous reports I may have been duped and paid but something in my head said check this lot out.Its a real shame to put off visitors it cant be good business practice. I wondered why there weren´t may people there.So let the letter come the recycle bin will take them. Another family that wont return to Fistral.
Jake 23rd May 2013 09:49
I wish I had read this before I payed the ticket... 27 mins late cost £60 and the surf wasn´t that even that grate that day.

Paul Breden (visitor for the last 20 years) 24th May 2013 01:12
I work as a sales rep for a company in Leeds and on the 25th April 2013 was visiting customers in the Newquay area, i decided to visit Fistral beach to take a look at the surf and to buy a t-shirt for my daughter from Ann´s surf cottage. My arrival time was17:47 and my departure time was 17:59, unfortunately the surf shop was closed (17:30) and because the weather was bad on that night decided to go and check in at the hotel. Now if you do the maths on this it men´t that i was on the car park for 12 minutes, low and behold i received a letter from Parking Eye on the 14th May stating that i had not purchased a ticket and the amount due was £100 ! if i payed within 14 days-£60! This is a bit steep for turning round in a car park, what happened to the 20 minutes grace period, i can only see this doing harm to the sales of the shops that are on Fistral beach, the more people that get fines the worse their sales will be affected, i for one will not be visiting Fistral again and will not be paying this fine.
Paul Garner 2nd June 2013 20:35
I think everyone who has received a "ticket" from parking eye at this site should make their feelings nown to the landowner and to the shops on the site. If they are made aware that Parking Eye are driving customers away then they may do something about this disgusting company who have infested most of Newquay.
Ellen 4th June 2013 18:27
Normally come to Newquay most years for a holiday, (for the last 30 years), haven´t been to Fistral for a while so had no idea that the parking situation had changed so much.
Went to watch the sunset for 35mins, did not leave the car, there were only 3 other cars there. Received a parking fine for £100, Didn´t see a sign for number plate recognition or we would have gone somewhere else. Ruined a nice holiday and will not be coming back to spend our hard earned money in Newquay. Shame on the landowners for this charge which bears no resemblance to the £2.50 it should have been. Will not be paying.
burt sanders 11th June 2013 03:12
out of interest, of those of you who have received pcn´s (not fines as private company´s can´t ´fine´ you) since oct 2012 who hasn´t paid and just ignored the letters and not heard anything since?

Also what the heck are the council doing about this robbing private company, that are splashed all over the internet as being cowboys and have also been on watchdog!! they are pushing your custom away, or is it that they have enough paying the so called parking charges and are getting a cut from the private parking company´s??
Dave Dalton 28th June 2013 23:52
Waited in my car in a new car park near Leeds train station. My daughters train was late in so I waited in Parking Eye pay and display car park.I had no idea when my daughter would emerge from the train but thought waiting wasn´t parking. I never got out of the car. 24 mins past when we drove home the charge for £100 came in post. The sign had info re waiting?????not paid them so far
Sam Penn 4th July 2013 12:46
After arriving from Australia having been out of the country for 10 years we were house hunting on the 4/2/13 in newquay area. Parked at fistral to see the surf, visit anns cottage and buy some warmer clothes! we also had a coffee as were were so cold. Did not see the camera recognition signs as we entered car park. Was such a cold blustery day did not even see the parking machine. As we were living in B&B until March, did not give DVLA updated address (but did so when we moved) I received a letter today from Parking Eye telling me it´s an offence not to inform DVLA of our address (not their business) and also a fine of 100.00 pounds. Where can you find out the landowners details? as I believe this is under contract law and I did not enter or accept a contract upon entering the car park. Does the law stand now that it is the registered keeper that has to be pursued or the driver at the time? This is apparently the 6th letter they have sent. Any recommendations? still ignore or appeal? what court do they take you to? your local or theirs? any one else got court proceedings?
Josie 27th July 2013 19:15
I am fuming! Just received one of these pathetic fines when I was actually sitting in the car!!!! My keys were in the ignition and my car windows were also open. How in any shape or form is this even fair?!?! I honestly am disgusted and on the war path right now! I WILL fight my corner and I am put off Newquay by this shitty parking system and expected better! I always go down porthcawl beach for a drive because it´s close to where I live and I always just sit in the car and admire the view but to be charged late at night when the car park is almost empty is appalling! Especially for a student who struggles with money as it is! Outraged is an understatement.
peter buckby 28th July 2013 00:00
my son suffers from deprestion,so to kick him out of it we went to our favourite spot to relive good times low ade behold we got a fine but best of all a pic off us both and the time iwant to thank parking eye for the pic, but it costs to much. so swivel ,don´t pick on the free.xx
Keith Edwards 30th July 2013 09:55
I also didn´t see the number plate recognition signs. I overstayed for 20 minutes, or 13 from the time I purchased the ticket as there was a queue, and got the £100 fine letter. This has totally spoiled what was a great holiday and I too will not be returning to Newquay.
I´ve sent the following to ParkingEye and await their response:
I will not be paying as the notice has no legal standing as:
1. Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 provides protection to consumers from unfair contracts. It is unfair to impose disproportionate sanctions for breach of contract. A requirement to pay more in compensation for a breach than a reasonable pre-estimate of the loss caused to the supplier is one kind of excessive penalty. Such a requirement will, in any case, normally be void to the extent that it amounts to a penalty under English common law. The fee for parking on Fistral Beach is £1.80 per hour. A ticket for one hour was purchased and I stayed in the car park for 1 hour 20 minutes. A charge of £100 is totally disproportionate to the loss incurred by the car park owners, Britannic Industries.
2. The car park owners, Britannic Industries, allow a 20 minute grace period and as a ticket for one hour was purchased and I parked for 1 hour 20 minutes I am within the grace period and therefore should not have received this notice as there is no charge to pay.
I look forward your apologies for wrongly issuing this notice.
Magic Matt 5th August 2013 13:39
Received a PCN from ParkingEye today.

I entered the Fistral Beach car park to watch the sea at high tide, with no obvious illuminated signage, and was unaware of entering into a contractual agreement (as a law abiding citizen, I would have paid to park). For just under 40 mins which spanned midnight, they´re expecting me to pay £60.

Am appealing and will go to court if necessary as the charge at this time of night when the car park was pretty much deserted and according to the Unfair Consumer Contract Regulations, parking charges on private land must not exceed the cost to the landowner during the period the motorist is parked there. £60 is massively exceeding the cost to the landowner, and so am appealing.

Will certainly not be coming back to Newquay again if I end up having to pay, simply on principle. Well done Newquay council for potentially losing more than the £60 that a private company may potentially be getting! Sometimes it´s best to hit people where it hurts and by taking my money away from Newquay businesses if I end up having to pay this charge, it´s sweet justice in my eyes.

Has anyone got any photographic images of the parking charge notices they can put online to help holiday makers show that there is insufficient signage, as the letters will be sent to the home of the holiday maker and it won´t be possible to take photos themselves, having driven all the way home.
David Taylor 8th August 2013 12:07
I just received a demand from Parking eye for £100. I drove in, read the board, decided not stay, then drove out. Total time in car park 10mins. Needless to say, I´m not gunna pay. Will be obscuring my plate when going into these car parks from now on.
Amanda 10th August 2013 05:10
I have received 3 letters so far and have ignored each and every one of them!

Legally there is nothing this company can do to enforce me to pay their invoice.

I would suggest that anyone else who is issued with a so called ´fine´ ignores it completely.

I know some people will be worried/scared/anxious by doing this, but please just take 15 minutes to research this and you will see that they do not have the law on their side, their business model is based on a large proportion of the public being unaware of the law and scared by the letters they send, therefore they get paid.
Custard Pie 14th August 2013 15:47
These are not fines. Only the Police and traffic wardens can issue these. You have received a request for monies. Google Parking Eye and find out how to beat them.

Derek 22nd August 2013 14:59
I have just recvd a parking charge for £100 for being a few minutes overtime in Fistral Car park
Wow the local council certainly know how to treat visitors along with shops selling runny ice creams, stale (soft) childrens rock and feeble brown liquid they called tea
Welcome to Cornwall tourists........Enjoy
Nicola 28th August 2013 21:25
The same as everybody else has written. But I stupidly paid the £60 today before doing my research, I was worried to death really that this so called ´fine´ would escalate into hundreds of pounds if i ignored it. I had binned the parking ticket that we had purchased so just assumed i had no leg to stand on. What an idiot I´ve been. DON´T PAY. And we won´t be returning to Fistral beach ever again. A real shame on Cornwall.
PeterB 3rd September 2013 16:04
Just another victim of Parking Eye at Fistral. 26 minutes over time, upto £150 charge at present and being threatened with court action. I spent over £50 in the shop and cafe whilst there. This is my reward!!!
Please Mr Briant can you do something about this - it does nothing for the reputation of you excellent complex. It also does nothing to improve parking other than discourage people from returning.
luke aaron 6th September 2013 15:02
Me my girlfriend and my daughter was travelling from ilfracombe to cornwall for the day we was going to porthtowan perranporth and a few other places, we decided to park in newquay fistral beach carpark for a 10 minute break whilst I got a coffee and my girlfriend changed the babys nappy. then we left to go to porthtowan, just got back from our 2 week holiday and I´ve received a £100.00 charge from parking eye.
Kal 8th September 2013 21:11
Well ditto - received a "fine" from your payment eye shills - I entered the number plate wrong and have discarded the ticket. So thanks Fistral won´t be visiting your carpark again or buying any products from your shopping centre.
Congrats on how to alienate and annoy your potential customers.
fm 23rd September 2013 07:54
DON´T IGNORE THESE!!!!! Advice has now changed. Google parking eye and follow the threads that are from 2013 onwards.


Parking eye have been issuing small claims from the Northampton county court centre where they are also sneakily trying to add on costs.

So if you receive a parking eye ´request´ then google ´parking eye and follow the advice on involving POPLA
debbie 24th September 2013 11:28
we went into fistrel beach on the 9/9 13 time 18.10 left 18..49 we only pulled in to see what it was like didn´t get out of cAR the engine was never switched off sorry I did I had to get a coffee and use the toilet it took ten minutes to get served with coffee to go there was only one person serving at the bar but my hubby was still in the car its annoying I travelled all over cornwall and payed every car park fee looe 5 for 24 hrs at austel Fowey newquay town every place we payed but fistrel beech we only stopped to view and then we left before I got the parking notice was at my door quick or what well the thing is the notce is for my hubby as he is the owner but was he driving well I can say no was it me I refuse to answer lol ANY ADVISE PLEASE
Fiona Mellor 30th September 2013 07:40
Google the threads on peppipoo about parking eye, and appea l through POPLA
Sean 2nd October 2013 13:53
Visited here, got caught out after helping an old couple and a runaway dog. Signs not very clear at best! Never EVER going back. Hope your pleased.
s ward 14th October 2013 17:01
just had 3 parking notices from friscal beach paid the fee over 3 nights but still got stung parking eye are at it never go there again
steve aldworth 15th October 2013 09:25
i am regd disabled. we dropped in to get fish & chips after visiting my father in truro hospital following him being rushed there due to a heart attack.
i took my new wife to show her beach, time after 6pm.
cannot recall reading sign but i normally do. drove off after & went home.
3 weeks later got this parking eye DEMAND. appealed due to disability badge, as it says on rear, photocpoied it to show them but was turned down.
having read these comments i will
1) not visit newquay again,
thanks all for your help.
Sam 16th October 2013 16:49
Help please. Visited a few car parks in newquay when we were in the town. One was near a surfing beach with a few expensive clothes shops (nothing we wanted so swiftly got the kids in the car after seeing parking price and left) and another which was near a mini golf course (again, got the kids out to find it was shut so got them back in and left). Today received a ticket from Parking Eye for parking on private land in ´Tower Road, Newquay´. Obviously, going to appeal as it states that it was only 11 minutes I was in the carpark and this article states you get 20 minutes grace but not sure what the write in the appeal as not sure which car park that I got the ticket for (hoping with everything I have got that another ticket isn´t in the post for the other car park)...any help please would be gratefully received. the etrance to the car park seems to be slightly down hill with a bollard on the drivers side and a small wall on the passengers side, if that helps
J branigan 22nd October 2013 11:54
Having visited Newquay parked in Holy trinity car park, found the parking machine very difficult to operate along with other members of the public,, entered wrong letter, had to start again, purchased ticket, guess what we have received fine with photo of the car with the ticket in the window, what a scam!
Mark 23rd October 2013 19:01
I would like to add that the charges for parking at Fistral Beach are ridiculous and it will put off a lot of visitors including myself, but to hear some of the excuses is just cringe worthy! To get in to this car park you drive through an entrance at the top of the hill on to, what educated people would presume to be, private land! To park in any carpark in this country without expecting to pay is just naive! I don´t think you get free car parks up North and I´m pretty sure it doesn´t work like that in London so why should it be any different at Fistral! To be honest you can´t be that bright if you think you can park in a private car park for free! To those who say you weren´t in the car park for long...over Summer you get 20mins for free and in Winter it is 1 hour! The car park even gives you the option to pay if you over stay that free period so you don´t receive a parking fine! There are warning signs all over the fences and numerous pay and display machines so I really don´t understand how some of you can think you can park there without paying and then kick up a stink because you have been caught! For those blaming the local shops there is no sign showing free parking for customers and why should there be as they don´t own the car park! For those who were sat in their car with keys in the ignition, it sounds like you were planning a quick getaway to avoid a parking warden so technically you knew you were in the wrong for not paying but thought you might get away with it! You didn´t and now you are upset! Don´t take it out on Newquay for rules that the majority of car parks in the UK have! Having to pay for parking at Fistral and the cost of it is far from ideal but it is very obvious you do have to pay for it´s use! The majority of these excuses could easily have been avoided with a bit of common sense! The fines should stay but they should be more proportionate in cost to the offence committed! From what I undestand the cost of parking does cover maintenance, cleaning, toilets and showers!
s ward 8th March 2014 15:32
after appealing my parking notices to popla at a cost to parking eye I won all 3 of them you do not have to pay parking eye a single penny, go to a site called legal beagle you will get all the info you need there, if you appeal to parking eye they will turn it down and demand payment within 14 days ask for a popla number to appeal to popla it will cost parking eye to get the appeal ref number then go to legal beagle where there is a link to the appeal letter you have to write it down by hand as you have to include date times etc send it off to popla and you will win parking eye as no legal right to send you a parking notice as for fistral beach im glad we only used it as a place to park my camper and never used the facilities there but I will never go there again, there at it some people will just pay the fee parking eye demand . don´t pay go to the site above you will win the appeal. I think fistral beach will lose a lot of custom over parking eyes under hand tacticts to releave you of your money I am now going to spend the 300 pound parking eye tried to rip me off for at fistral beach to go surf at a beach in wales called rhosilli beach in the gower im told there are some awesome waves there goodby fistral hello wales
Mandy 22nd April 2014 14:40
Is anyone aware if it is still a 20 minute grace period as we have just received a parking charge notice for Tower Road and we were only in the car park for exactly 10 minutes as detailed on their cameras.
We went to meet a family member who was parked there as they did not know the way to our next stop. Had we realised we would have been charged for waiting we would have stopped on the road! As it was the car park wasn´t even half full!

Clive Nicholas 16th July 2014 08:54
On 12th June we parked in Fistral Beach Car Park at approx 17:20.
We knew we were going to stop for 2-3 hours so the three of us looked at the tariff board, entered the car reg and purchased a ticket which included the fee for 1 hour, plus the extra amount for the evening charge to cover us till midnight.
I live locally, and after about an hour I popped out of the car park for 20 minutes to collect something before returning again. there is no warning that this is not permitted on any display boards on-site. However, I have been sent a Parking Charge Notice by Parking Eye for not purchasing a parking ticket between my last entry & departure time. I have written to ParkingEye but they want me to produce my parking ticket which I cannot do weeks after the event as we have since thrown it away.
I have returned to photograph the tariff board since, but I think that they have recently changed the tariff board for the summer as the evening rate of £1.20 now applies only after 18:30 until 02:00 hrs. I am sure (from memory) that the evening rate in June was just £1.00 between 18:00 and 00:00.
Does anyone know for sure what the rates/times were just before the recent changes as I would like to be more certain and not relying on dodgy memory in order to base my appeal?
Steve Regnier 8th August 2014 10:34
Just got back from a fantastic week in Newquay, only to have a £100 Parking Charge from our friends at ParkingEye following an hour on Fistral Beach.
We text our registration to the number on the parking notice board and O2 have confirmed the text was delivered successfully. Does anyone have a photo of the parking notice board they could text or email me, as I´ll need a copy should the appeal end in a court hearing. I´ve checked on Google earth and it´s an old sign, from before Paring Eye ran the car park. I live 350 miles away, co popping along to take a picture isn´t really economical!
Thanks, Steve.
Karen Brierly 26th August 2014 18:07
I am fuming as I have just received a parking fine. I have been living abroad for three years and came to Newquay for a wedding. I parked in a carpark near fistral beach on my arrival. I put money in for 3 hours, £4.80... Think if I recall I had no change so have to put fiver in. I didn´t notice the expectation to put in car reg.... Even when returning to car, nothing was informed to me... I was slightly confused that on my ticket I read... REG: .. Followed by a couple of letters.... I was a bit confused by this. It wasn´t until the next day I went back to park in the same carpark with a friend and she said you need to add car reg. I was slightly concerned I hadn´t the day before, but really didn´t think I would get a fine.... I brought a ticket! As you can imagine I am upset, please make it more clear about this and the fact a massive fine would be demanded if no reg is put, how was I able to still print my ticket.??? Did someone before me start to put a number in? But did not complete?? As you can imagine I am angry. :-(
Neil 31st August 2014 20:34
I paid for a all day ticket but still received a £100 fine in post yesterday but lucky for me I still have ticket , so unlucky for them they will never get any money from me , so be carefull as they still issue fines even thou you have paid for your parking ....
Michelle 5th September 2014 09:03
Just returned from lovely trip to Devon and Cornwall. Received ´ parking charge notice´ from Parking Eye for being
In the car park for 59 minutes; however, we distinctively remember walking up the hill to pay for parking ticket from machine for an hour - it was a very windy day so we just wanted a quick look. How can we be charged when we paid for our time?
Dave 8th September 2014 14:27
My son popped into newquay twice over two weekends. He paid for a ticket both times and we have subsequently received two penalty tickets a week and ten days later. He hasn´t retained the car park tickets as the car was cleaned last weekend so we have no proof of payment. I would strongly advise people not to go to NEWQUAY ever!!!
pat 28th September 2014 09:26
Hope Newquay Council know what there doing. I will not be going back to Newquay again because of these charges.
ian 29th September 2014 23:58
I picked up my son from Newquay and waited in this car park at 1030 p.m. Didn´t even realise it was a paid parking piece of land. 14 days later I recieved a letter from Parking Eye saying I parked there for 21 minutes and had to pay £100. I never even left the car in this time. What a con.
Sharon worthy 22nd November 2014 20:13
Entered car park at 14.23. Left at 15.19 just found parking ticket £1.50 just had a fine ?? I am wondering if my husband misread £1.80 for £1.50 ?? Does anyone know it was on a Sunday in November ? Have to say won´t be returning and will appeal crap end to what was a lovely weekend
George trott 20th June 2015 21:26
Parked in Trinity Church car park. Went to pay. Put £4-80 into machine. No ticket given. Tried umpteen times to get ticket. No luck. Tried to get money back. No luck either. Drove out in disgust. Was in car park for eleven minutes doing the above. Received a penalty charge notice demand for £60 (rising to £100 if not paid promptly). I shall never return to Newquay. ParkingEye are a disgrace.
karen bolas 26th July 2015 21:39
always keep your tickets when parking as proof!
SEAN TREZONA 14th August 2015 12:50
I visited Newquay this summer and enjoyed the sea views everywhere i went. I always pay my parking and never intentionally over stay. After walking, shopping and eating on Fistral I left. I have now received a letter from a debt recovery company demanding that I pay £140 !!! smart Parking Ltd who apparently operate the car park have not notified me of the penalty. You cannot even contact Smart Parking Ltd to they and establish if this is not a grand scam or not. I will not be returning to Newquay and have in fact booked a holiday in North Devon instead. There is a fine line between reasonable, greed and aggressive behaviour.
Emily Ip 25th August 2015 16:25
First time going to Newquay carpark.. Last time too. I´ve just received two fines actually from Parking Eye from different car parks. They are a disgrace...
Phil 6th September 2015 23:27
Looking for some local help. We too have been stung by parking eye at the tower road car park. We are convinced we paid sufficient funds to cover our time there (even going back to pay extra as we were 15 minutes over when we returned) but obviously didn´t think we´d need to take any evidence. As we´re a 14 hour round trip away, we can´t pop along to check. Does anyone know what the charges are at that car park?
rachel 12th September 2015 11:00
we have just received a fine in the post, I kept the ticket but we were 13mins late.
can we appeal
cant find the charges online anywhere
KK 16th October 2015 16:51
Seems everybody got the fine who was in fistral beach first time. We had two car. Both of my car and my brother´s car got fine for the first time. My car got fine for 12th August as we were in first time. We been there for 13th and 14th August as well for longer time but no fine. My brother went there 14th & 15th Aug, he got the fine for 14th August. We got the proper ticket everyday and come out within the time limit though.

In my thinking, whenever the camera find a new car registration number, it will issue a PCN, does not matter whether they paid it or not. As there were ticket machine, should be a traffic squadron for checking the time limit and stick the PCN on the windshield.

My brother paid £60/= fine as he does not like to have any unnecessary pain but I did not as I want to stop this kind of robbery from the BLOODY PARKING EYE. Sorry for the language.

Does any one has any idea to give me the advice to stop them from such kind of cunning strategy to boost up their revenue?

Lisa 27th January 2016 17:41
Came to Fistral Beach on the 1st August paid for 3hrs in the car park but then decided to stay longer, the sign said just purchase additional time before you leave so we purchased a further 2hrs, giving us 5hrs in total, we stayed for 4.5hrs in total. I then got a parking fine saying I had overstayed, when I called smart parking to complain I was told the sign does not say this in any of the car parks they look after. Unfortunately I had no proof and live 6hrs away, however my friend visit Cornwall a few weeks ago and took a picture of the sign that states - Don´t worry if you have overstayed just purchase additional time before you leave. However as I have already paid my fine Smart parking apparently cant help!!!How many fines are they giving out that they shouldn´t be!!
stephen ward 2nd April 2016 21:49
I got 3 notices . you will get one if you pay or not, ask parking eye for a popla number to appeal I got 3 sepperate popla numbers and appealed all 3 and won them all never cost me a penny fistral beach rubbish
AMc 8th June 2016 17:26
Wonderful weekend in Newquay spoilt for both families by ridiculous parking charges for Tower Road car park which I believe to be owned by Newquay Golf Club. I am writing to the Club to protest and ask for the charges to be cancelled, I am appealing via Parking Eye and demanding my appeal is given a POPLA code for appeal and encourage everyone else to do the same. Finally, sorry Newquay but I will be telling everyone to avoid visiting until this horrendous set up is removed!
HRHall 1st July 2016 11:32
Weekend in Cornwall and what a complete disappointment everywhere we went it was a parking charge and we spent so much money on this so what an even more awful surprise to receive a PCN from Parking Eye for parking at Tower Road - Holy Trinity Church Car Park for exceeding the ticket expiry by 7 minutes and taking 4 minutes to buy a ticket in the first instance. This is COMPLETELY OUTRAGEOUS. We will not be coming to Newquay again and I will definitely be disputing this.
Holy Trinity church should be ashamed of themselves for allowing parking Eye to do this.
JJ 6th July 2016 22:57
If you have overrun your ticket a tiny amount be aware you have a 20 min grace period as stated by the British Parking Association code of conduct (of with Parking Eye is a member)
see the full document here:
so DON´T PAY UP!!!
Caroline Taylor 7th October 2016 13:21
Very much the same experience for myself. I entered Tower Road car park on 29th July 2016. Entered according to the camera at 12:42:04 and left according to the cameras at 13:51:33. So a total of 1 hour 9 mins. However as the car park was packed at this time I spent a good few mins driving around waiting to find a parking space. I purchased a ticket for 1 hour, and was back to the car and in it driving off before the ticket expired. I didn´t keep the pay and display ticket, why would you, and 12 days later received a parking charge notice saying I hadn´t paid in the post. Outrageous. The local council should do something about this, it has put me off going to Newquay again.
John clark 15th November 2017 19:52
Paid for two hours and left within two hours and received parking fine a cpl of weeks after the event. Paid cash and ticket long gone how do we stand? feel so peed off.
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