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Sainsbury's plan for St Mewan

News Archive > General > Sainsbury's plan for St Mewan

By on 02/03/2011

Over £100m is to be invested in a major development in St Austell, which includes a new Sainsbury’s store.
The 100-acre site at Coyte Farm, St Mewan, aims to bring new shops, offices, employment and housing to St Austell.
The proposal by Mercian Developments includes a 100,000 square foot Sainsbury’s store, over 1,000 jobs, 400 properties, a five-acre care village with health centre, as well as high quality shops and a park-and-ride scheme.
The proposal for the site on the A390  was announced at a joint St Austell town council and St Mewan parish council meeting on Monday night.
At the meeting, Paul Newton from planning consultants Barton Willmore said: "A Cornwall Council shopping survey identified the need for a further supermarket in St Austell."
He also said there was a significant leakage of expenditure from St Austell to other towns and that "people travel from St Austell to Truro to go to Sainsburys", and that the development will "provide something St Austell is missing".
Ben Littman, Sainsbury’s development surveyor, South West, has confirmed their interest in St Austell, saying: “Sainsbury’s is in talks with Mercian Developments regarding an opportunity to open a new store as part of the Coyte Farm Development at St Mewan.”
Assurances were made that Sainsburys will be able to compete with Asda and Tesco and that there is capacity in the town to cater for the additional development.
A consultation process will now take place with councillors and the public, with the first public exhibition expected in April.
Justin Dodge from CSA Architects ,who are designing the development, said: "The site gives the opportunity for a new gateway to St Austell."
Chris Towers, Managing Director of Mercian Developments Ltd, said: "These proposals will create in excess of 1,000 jobs, in retailing, the care home, offices and the high tec employment space planned, and a significant number of jobs during the construction phase.
“We already have a number of leading national retailers anxious to come to Coyte Farm, and we will be announcing their names in the future.
“Similarly, two leading research and development companies who want to invest in St Austell require major space. A regional care home operator is also keen to establish a presence.
“The retailing element of the scheme will complement, rather than be in competition with the town centre. It will arrest the considerable amount of shopping expenditure that currently leaks away from St Austell to other local centres, and will attract shoppers for both the town centre and the new shops.
“The park-and-ride site and coach park, located next to the food store, will establish a link which makes it easy for shoppers to get into the town centre.
“The scheme will enable the first phase of the future Trewoon link as part of a mixed residential and care home development incorporating public open space appropriate to the projected growth of the town.
“This is an enormous opportunity for the town, and local traders, and it will allow them to build upon the success they’ve already enjoyed with the White River shopping centre. Informative promotional displays at the coach park and park and ride site will be available to promote the town centre.
“In addition, the scheme will give land to St Mewan School, and St Mewan Church. All of this adds up to a major opportunity to bring new jobs and prosperity to St. Austell, and for the town and to enhance its standing in Cornwall.”


#1 04/03/2011 08:11mark golley commented...
What rubbish!, why in the world do we require another out of town project, and why does it need to be built in such a wonderful green field area? Couldnt we find some old clay workings to build it on? What about the already empty old china clay labs behind B&Q. I and many others i speak to dont want it. It seems that any pretty areas left in the St Austell areas are being built on, its no wonder the travellers guides state that its not a place to linger!!
#2 04/03/2011 23:23George Collings commented...
St Austell is the largest population in Cornwall and this looks like a good investment. Maybe at last St Austell can draw in the big names in business. Although St Austell as many shops and yet there is nothing big. All we need now is Morrisons and it will be looking up
#3 07/03/2011 11:00Paul Massey commented...
Just what we need another out of town supermarket and shopping centre,HOW MANY EMPTY SHOPS ARE THERE IN ST.AUSTELL? as for the 400 properties, who is going to live in them & who will be able to aford them,the schools are full, cant get a nationl health dentist for love or money and an over stretched health centre, were is the planing for all this?
I think this is a way for certain people to make a lot of money and move on.
And all this to be built on a green field site,what hapened to the farmers looking after our green and plesant land.Just goes to show the power of money.
I cant see this being an improvement for our town.
#4 17/03/2011 12:14Jenny Adams commented...
This is awful, St Austell already has a half empty new shopping centre and town centre, why can´t these investers occupy those. WHY OH WHY do we need another supermarket!!!!!
This isn´t an improvement, this is ridiculous! I have links with St Mewan School and can´t think of anything worse!
#5 23/03/2011 18:49Joan Lewis commented...
Once the concrete goes down that field is gone forever, why is it we have to build over everything and who will benefit. Think of all the extra traffic so near to St. Mewan school and the road is already nose to tail in the summer. Where will all the children from the 400 houses go to school as the schools are oversubscribed. When I counted the new supermarkets would make 7 in total - how many supermarkets can one town support.
#6 21/03/2012 19:11Stuart Volkner commented...
Will the developers be allowed to build on land that is a burial ground from the Black Death (Bubonic plague)which is apparently situated somewhere in the North east area of the proposed site!
#7 28/05/2012 14:24Joanne Bond commented...
I get so fed up with people objecting to any new proposals for our town. Sainsburys is a fantastic store and I´m sure will draw in so many of the people that we lost when the own centre was empty for so many years. It will bring badly needed jobs and Tesco and Asda need a run for their money. Stop complaining and get on with it!
#8 15/08/2012 18:17Born and raised Coliza Hill.1965-present..... commented...
Where does councillor Egerton stand on this? Loud and clear, Egerton, loud and clear. Your town centre seems to be doing very well!!!!!NOT!!! But I am still waiting for you to push through your suggested purchase of open space (using what funds from where?) for the Polgooth residents!!!!. Bless. Good luck St Austell. Who put her there? I have had first hand dealings with this person.... VERY SLIPPERY.Carry on doing as you´re told, Mr Budge.
#9 14/10/2012 07:54Resident of Trewoon commented...
Who in their right mind would want to wrap a housing estate around a beautiful, old, historic Norman Church, that stands in an area of natural beauty? This proposal is to surround a house of God - well you reap what you sew. In addition this housing will bring further chaos (as it will feed on) to the A3058 known as THE MOST DANGEROUS ROAD IN CORWALL. I live on this road and can vouch for the emergency vehicle sirens that travel on it every day. The village of Trewoon is a linear village where local residents park on the main road. When a bus stops at a hus stop by the junction of Trevanion Road, and a local resident parks opposite - the road is blocked. Nothing gets through. Not to mention the yearly floods we get under the railway bridge. This is a village already congested by too many housing estates built on to it - the last thing we need is another housing estate. Oh and then there will be the Eco village attached to it. Wake up and pay attention Cornwall County Council Highways Dept - you are supposed to be responsible for this.
#10 12/11/2012 10:45d,gay commented...
there seems to be a fuss about everything these days.i myself think this is a brillant idea & i am all for it, it would be great to have a sainsbury,s in st, austell and perhaps hopefully some other big names aswell. we cannot stay in the past forever.
#11 16/01/2014 19:12Poddy commented...
Well done ! Once again St Austell do gooders have won the battle against a fantastic future....Sainsburys, M&S , Primark and Next. Not to mention other pubs/hotels and fitness centre. Imagine the job numbers created and the footfall brought into the area. It would be super for the town and local beaches etc . The town could be the social local trader and bistro hub.But now.....its all been turned down (just like M&S was 15 years ago!, I know cos I was the M&S premises manager). Unfortunately some influential people are stuck in the 80s and need a wider outlook. Another Carlyon Bay shambles!
#12 10/02/2014 12:01Ted Hare commented...
St,Austell is a going nowhere town it needs pulling down and starting again. the proposal would have given it a shot in the arm.If it was thought worthless why did The Truro representatives object to it, they were afraid the competition might be harmful to the town
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